Animation has a bright future says Sivaprasad Velayudham

Music composer cum actor Vijay Antony has trodden a different path with his latest film Thimiru Mudichavan. He approached some of the noted 3D animators for a promo song for the film asking them to create a visual experience better than that of Baahubali. Coimbatore based Sivaprasad Velayudham and his team of animators created a 500 feet statue of Vijay Antony representing him as the guardian of the city. After a couple of brainstorming sessions with the down to earth Vijay Antony, Sivaprasad and co came up with the visually dazzling promo song. Now, talking to the media on this, Sivaprasad said that Animation has a bright future and that he is not exactly looking forward to working for movies yet. 

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6 Oct 18 @ 5:55 PM Tollywood
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