Alapat Mariyam aka Nyla Usha from PMJ thanks director, know why

Nyla Usha can be elated for essaying the title character in mass film maker Joshiy's Porinju Mariyam Jose. Nyla played the wealthy and aristocratic Alapat Mariyam in the mass entertainer. She played a bold and beautiful character who can send chills down the spine and is also capable of making the men go weak in their knees with her vivacious persona. Nyla had already said that she was lucky that an eminent film maker like Joshiy found her apt for the role and for trusting her with a heavy role. Now, Nyla took to her social media account to thank Joshiy for having trusted Nyla more than herself. Joju George and Chemban Vinod Jose played Porinju and Jose respectively.

Nyla Usha Joshiy Porinju Mariyam Jose