‘Akira’ is going to set new benchmark: Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha who is all set to release her action flick ‘Akira’ on 2nd September has gone on record to say that her latest action flick is going to set a new benchmark in terms of portrayal of women in Bollywood films. Talking to one of the news channels the actress said, "Actresses in Bollywood have not been given a chance to do much. Hopefully, Akira will lift up the barriers for women to do a lot more action in Hindi films." She further added commenting upon the social media campaign of Akira #FightLikeAGirl, "The tag says it all. Women now don't need anybody’s validation for anything. We are strong and the world knows it, be it going into an untapped genre of film or winning medals in Olympics, we have done it all."
Akira Sonakshi Sinha