Aju is elated as his latest role wins appreciation of this director

Aju Varghese is known to play comedy roles and he does that with aplomb. But looks like Aju is breaking free from the shackles of comic actor tag. He played a sly policeman in the recent release Helen. He is also the lead actor in Ranjith Sankar's upcoming thriller Kamala. Now, Aalorukkam director VC Abhilash has showered praises on Aju for exploring the talent in him. Abhilash put a social media post that is worth giving a thought. He has penned that actors like Indrans (in Aalorukkam), Suraj Venjaramoodu (in Android Kunjappan) and Aju (in Helen) who were cast as side kicks will surely show that they belong to a different league when given the right opportunity.

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19 Nov 19 @ 3:36 PM Bollywood
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