After the announcement of Inshallah, a photo of baby Alia with young Salman is going viral

After 20 years, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Salman Khan are reuniting for a movie titled as Inshallah. And actress Alia Bhatt has been chosen to play leading lady opposite Salman. Twitterati is going berserk about the age difference between them. While it is common for heroes to be cast the opposite younger heroines, Twitterati is finding it hard to digest that fact that Salman and Alia are a pair in the film. Now what has caught the eyes of the netizens is a photo of young Salman holding baby Alia. The picture is circulating virally on social media and has raised questions like 'who would have thought they will work together as a lead pair'. Check it out below.