Abhi is proud of Shane's performance in 'Kismath'

Shane, who started his big screen career by playing the childhood of Prithviraj in 'Thanthonni', has delivered a mesmerising performance as the lead in 'Kismath'. Abhi, his father and famous impressionist, is so proud of him. Abhi, in a recent interview, opined that new generation directors are giving a space for the actors to perform in their own way and this is has helped a lot in shaping Shane's career. Abhi added that his biggest advice to his son was to never act in front of the camera but to live the character he has been given. Abhi also pointed out that Rajeev Ravi has been like a godfather to Shane and he is happy that Ravi is part of all the success in Shane's career. 'Kismath' has been getting overwhelming response and the movie has increased its theatre count to 109 from 41.
Shane Nigam Kismath