Aamir Khan narrates how he fell in love with Kiran Rao

In an interview with a Chinese news channel, Aamir Khan spoke about how he fell in love with wifey Kiran. "I met Kiran when I was doing Lagaan (2001). She was one of the ADs (assistant directors) on that but at that time, we didn’t have any relationship, we were not even great friends. She was one of the people in the unit. It was after my separation and divorce after some time that I met her again," said Aamir. Laal Singh Chadda was married to his first wife Reena at that time. Aamir further revealed that Kiran and he connected after his divorce. Kiran's phone call made him happy in that moment of trauma, recalled the superstar. 

Aamir Khan Kiran Rao