‘Aadu’ trailer created a lot of misunderstanding: Midhun Manuel Thomas

Midhun Manuel Thomas is riding high on the theatrical success of his second movie ‘Ann Maria Kalippilanu’. The director in a recent interview, opened up about his first movie ‘Aadu’ and why it failed at the BO. Midhun said that the trailer of ‘Aadu’ created a lot of misunderstanding among the audience, which resulted in its bad performance in theatres. He pointed that people expected a full on action thriller but the movie was more of a satire. And by the time people understood the real concept behind the movie, it was out of theatres. He added that his upcoming movie ‘Aadu 2’, will be another episode in the life of Shaji Pappan. ‘Aadu’ upon the home video release, had earned a lot of fans and making it one of the cult satires in Malayalam.