9 Years Of Baishe Srabon - The Dark And Gritty Thriller That Set A Mark

Baishe Srabon featuring Prosenjit, Parambrata, Raima, and Abir is a landmark of the Bengali cinema. Srijit's directorial was a superhit with film's dialogues becoming a rage. Anupam Roy's music is still unbeatable. But what made the movie so popular? Aside from the brilliant performances and lovely songs, the movie was one of a kind in 2011. Bengali audience has always been fond of thrillers. While it was immensely popular even then, a dark, gritty, neo-noir wasn't common then. The intensity of crimes, sleek storytelling, raw execution, and the breathtaking suspense without any sugarcoating - these were some elements that made the film stand out, so much so that it became a trendsetter for upcoming films. 

Prosenjit Chatterjee Raima Sen Abir Chatterjee Srijit Mukherji Parambrata Chatterjee