6 Million Dislikes For Sadak 2 - Does It Affect The Movie And The Makers?

Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, and Aditya Roy Kapur's Sadak 2 has received the record number of dislikes on Youtube. By far, the number of dislikes has crossed 6M! So, how these dislikes affect the movie? Well, dislikes on the trailer don't have a direct impact on the film. However, it affects the revenue generated from the video. Dislikes may send Youtube a message that the audience is not finding the content interesting thus it will stop promoting it. It might affect film's promotion. But, despite the dislikes, the trailer is trending at No 1. Probably, the haters are searching for the video just to dislike it. Or, the record in dislikes may have grabbed attention. After all, negative publicity is also publicity. 

Alia Bhatt Sanjay Dutt Mahesh Bhatt Aditya Roy Kapur