2 Years Of Sammohanam - A Rare Sensible Cinema Which Deserved More Love!

In Tollywood, we don't see many movies where the writing is sensible. We see loads of characters that are not useful for the movie in any way. But Sammohanam is different. Hero's mother speaks to his son about accepting rejection and respecting others' decisions. Hero's father chases his dream of acting even after entering into the 50s. Heroine is an independent woman who is aware of what she is doing. The hero's character is very sensible, humble, and gentle, unlike the rude, aggressive, and toxic characters that we generally see in Telugu Cinema. But, like many good progressive films, Sammohanam did not do wonders at the box office, but it surely deserves our love. You can watch Sammohanam online here.


Vivek Sagar Sudheer Babu Aditi Rao Hydari Mohana Krishna Sammohanam