1st Weekend Box office Report: MargamKali Off To A Mediocre Start!

MargamKali which released last week opened to a mixed response from all over. The family entertainer has been slammed by few critics for its misogynistic format and lame jokes. Though Bibin George and Namitha Pramod gave their best, the film failed to set the cash registers ringing. It opened to a mere Rs. 43 lakhs on its opening day and remaining steady over the weekend. By the end of the weekend Margamkali managed to collect Rs. 1.47 lakhs at the box office which is below par. As the film is made on a budget of nearly Rs. 4 crores, it is highly impossible for the film to recover its costs. Margamkali is releasing in overseas locations like UAE-GCC on August 7th and we will have to wait and see how the movie fares there.

Bibin George Margamkali Namitha Pramod