11 Awkward On-Screen Pairs Of Star Heroes With Zero Chemistry!

The on-screen chemistry, specifically in Telugu Cinema plays a crucial role in attracting the audience and repeat audience. This is one of the main reasons makers spend a lot of time in finalizing the perfect Jodi. But still, they make the wrong choices sometimes. This list is about such wrong choices made by the star actors of this generation. Looks are not the only reason a pair looks awkward. It is also about the characterizations of the roles in those movies. For example, Rakul and Mahesh make a nice on-screen pair, but because of the characterizations they lacked chemistry in the Spyder movie. Take a look at 11 such awkward on-screen pairs in recent times.

Nani and Vaani Kapoor NTR and Trisha Ravi Teja and Taapsee Naga Chaitanya and Kajal Rana and Ileana Sharwanand and Lavanya Prabhas and Shraddha Ram Charan and Priyanka Pawan and Keerthy Mahesh and Rakul Allu Arjun and Bhanu Sri
Star Pairs That Lacked Chemistry