10 Songs That Defined The Mood Of Each Year In The Last Decade

Every year we get hundreds of songs from various music composers for different films but only a few click. Of course, there are cases where an entire album becomes a rage like in the case of Ala Vaikuntthapurramuloo this year and iSmart Shankar last year. And some songs catch the mood of the year like never before. Take, for example, Aaradugula Bullettu from Atharintiki Daredi captured the imagination of the audience like never before. It became such a catchphrase that a film is titled after it. And some songs like Pakka Local makes the audience drool over some jhatke steps and the youth wait for the video to release. Hadn't we waited for the release of Hamsa Naava video from Baahubali 2? Check out such songs. 

Om Namo Siva Rudraya - KhalejaMagaallu Vatti Mayagalle - GolimaarGuruvaram March 1 - DookuduGabbar Singh - Pilla Nuvvu Leni JeevithamAaradugula Bullettu - Atharintiki DaarediCinema Chupistha Maava - Race GurramDheevara - Baahubali - The BeginningPakka Local - Janatha GarageSaahore Baahubali - Baahubali 2: The ConclusionHamsa Naava - Baahubali 2: The ConclusionPilla Raa - RX 100Dimmaak Kharaab - iSmart Shankar
Songs That Caught The Mood Of The year