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The Zoya Factor Review

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The Zoya Factor Review & Rating


The Zoya Factor Review: It's DQ Factor That Sails This Film Over The Line

The premise

Proper Chic Flicks are quite rare in Indian Cinema and making them based on a popular novel is an interesting prospect. With Bollywood fashion girl Sonam Kapoor teaming up with the Mollywood heartthrob, The Zoya Factor created a bit of interest among the audience right before the publicity campaign. And with by the time promos hit the internet, the expectations started to soar. 

Based on the book of the same name written by Anuja Chauhan who had created popular ad campaigns and catchphrases like Yeh Dil Maange More! Directed by Abhishek Sharma of Parmanu - The Story of Pokhran fame, this Fox Star Studios production has cricket at its heart as the driving force. Let's see how it ends up - a big success like the book or not - with The Zoya factor review. 

The Zoya Story

Zoya Solanki who was born on the same day Indian Cricket Team won its first World Cup is treated as a lucky charm. lucky charm! My foot! Her luck might have thunk. For she is anything but lucky in her life. While her family thinks of her as their lucky mascot in the gully cricket, and of course in their lives, she, on the other hand, is experiencing one break up after another. She's always on the verge of getting fired from the job.

But her only solace is her job. That of a copywriter in an ad firm. One day, she is sent to meet the Indian Cricket Team for an ad photoshoot, her life takes a drastic turn. For good and for bad. The starry-eyed Zoya catches the attention of Team India captain Nikhil Khoda a highly talented batsman (like any self-respecting cricket captain, he's a batsman, pch!). He has his own struggles with the teammate Robin who was an ex-captain. 

As the shoot gets postponed, Zoya needs to stay with the team for more time than expected. Meanwhile, her birth secret is revealed to Team India and some of the junior players think that every time they take food from her hands during the breakfast, the team wins. Suddenly, the erratic team win the next couple of matches and most of the team believes that it is due to the lucky charm or The Zoya Factor. 

This reaches the Indian Cricket Board and the chairman of the board asks Zoya to accompany the team to the World Cup. But this created friction between Nikhil and Zoya. Nikhil is a sort of a guy who thinks it is hard work which makes you win not just luck. But it comes at odds to popular opinion. Zoya is already idolized by the rest of the team and fans. Nikhil argues that if her lucky charm is believed too deeply, it will lead to lethargy among the players. How all's well that ends well form the rest of the story. 

Dulquer all the way

First, we have to talk about Dulquer Salmaan. Mollywood's young superstar is not just a cool and handsome guy. He is one of the best actors in the country right now and has proved it time and again in his native Malayalam Cinema and the acclaim he received whenever he stepped out of his home turf. 

He is charming is an understatement. There is an understated intensity in his handsomeness. He is all business playing the role of a cricketer. The captain of the team at that. He looked fit, athletic and part of the setting. The body language is that of an international cricketer and carried the entire weight of the gangly film on his shoulders. 

The film may be The Zoya Factor and is expected as a star vehicle for Sonam Kapoor but despite her best efforts and fitting the role to the T, it is Dulquer or DQ as he's called by his fans, who kept the often faltering narration intact and helped the audience sit tight till the end. Nonetheless, Sonam makes her presence as the eponymous Zoya. 

Angad Bedi is neat in the role of Robin Rawal who is an antagonist of sorts and causes trouble to Nikhil. Anil Kapoor has a memorable cameo in the film and he is good. Vijayendra Singh Solanki, Zoya's father, is excellent. So is Sikander Kher as Zoya's brother. The actors who played cricketers are good to bad to varying degrees. It is where the director could have taken proper care. rest of the actors did justice to their roles. 

The crew

The songs composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy are good and carry a pleasant vibe. The background score is good and rousing towards the end. The cinematography is vibrant and has the cool and pleasant texture of a chick flick. The sports setting is authentically captured. The editing could have been better. There are few drags here and there. The production design is superb with the visuals and the locations have a colorful feel. The production values are good. The direction of the film is anonymous.


The Zoya Factor is a fun entertainer that lacks the depth of emotions. There is a lot of potential to discuss luck vs effort and superstition vs rationality and a bit of mandatory empowerment but all that worked for the film is the charm of the lead actor. Dulquer Salmaan announces his arrival so emphatically that Sonam Kapoor has to play second fiddle in a film which is titled after her. A one time watch otherwise. 


  • The source material
  • Dulquer Salmaan


  • Lackadaisical narration
  • Lack of emotional depth

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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The Zoya Factor Live Updates & Public Talk

Based on one of the popular books of the 2000s, The Zoya Factor, a blend of chic lit and sports drama, The Zoya factor created a bit of buzz due to its unusual pairing of Dulquer Salmaan and Sonam Kapoor (as the eponymous Zoya Solanki) and the obvious craze for cricket. Promoted as a fun entertainer, the film hits the screens today and it opened to positive reviews. The performances of the lead actors, especially that of Dulquer Salmaan received great praise apart from the fun factor. 

The praise for Dulquer Salmaan is coming from all quarters. The Zoya factor is a simple, sweet movie that will make you smile when you get out of the theater. It has its flaws but is a commendable effort to make an honest, good and clean film. It may be The Zoya Factor, but it’s a Dulquer movie all the way. He’s truly a man with a Midas touch! It is a fantastic fun film and is very well made. Sonam Kapoor is perfect as Zoya Solanki says a few early watchers. 

Keep watching for more The Zoya Factor public talk and live updates. 

The Zoya Factor Preview

What's the Story Behind The Zoya Factor?

For the first time, probably in the 21st century at least, Bollywood is coming up with a film which is based on chic-lit. The Zoya factor, written by Anuja Chauhan, was a sensation in India's popular literature stream. The book which tells the story of one Zoya Solanki, a Rajput girl, who inadvertently becomes the lucky mascot for the Indian Cricket team in 2011. 

You know what? The book was released in 2011 and Indian Cricket Team indeed won the 2011 Cricket World Cup courtesy the collective heroics of our players and iconized in popular culture by the final sixer by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. There's no Zoya in reality. But the prediction and the final outcome of this Anuja Chauhan's lit work turned out to be a lucky omen. 

Mollywood's young superstar Dulquer Salmaan who got recognition in Bollywood with his performance in Karwaan plays Nikhil Khoda, the captain of the team while Sonam Kapoor (K. Ahuja) essays the eponymous Zoya Solanki. Pooja Shetty and Aarrti Shetty produce this sports based chic-flick in collaboration with Fox Star Studios. 

What's The Zoya factor About?

Zoya Solanki is an executive in an advertising agency. She has to organize a shoot with the Indian Cricket Team but that gets postponed. Due to various coincidences, the members of our cricket team finds that every time Zoya attends the team breakfast Indian team wins the matches. And... Zoya was born at the same time when India won its maiden World Cup (Kapil Devils). 

But the captain of Indian Cricket team doesn't believe in luck or lucky charms. Meanwhile, Team India has a sudden spurt of victories and soon Zoya is invited by the eccentric president of Indian cricket Board to accompany the team to the ICC World Cup in Australia (of all places). What happens next? Watch the movie! Chimple!

Why Should We Watch The Zoya Factor?

Entertainment! Obviously

Of course, we watch films to entertainments but here what is the enticing factor about The Zoya Factor? We have already said that it is based on the popular success of a book which sold in thousands. Made into a major Bollywood production with some of the A-list actors. And then there is the factor of cricket. And the world cup win at the center of the things. 

Watch out for

Dulquer Salmaan and Sonam Kapoor

Dulquer Salmaan is one of the highly-rated young actors from South Indian Cinema. With a near-pan-India fan following and a resume which consists of some iconic films from multiple languages, he is one of the most happening young stars in India. And despite the recent setbacks she has faced, Sonam Kapoor is a capable actress and commands a huge fan following. A fashion icon, she's bringing all her charm to this film. 

Abhishek Sharma and his team

Talented director Abhishek Sharma scored a big hit with Parmanu - The Story of Pokhran last year. He assembled a team of talented technicians. The songs are composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the musical score is given by Indrajit Sharma and Parikshit Sharma. Manoj Lobo handles the cinematography and from what we have seen from the promo material, he seems to have given it a peppy look.