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Zombie Reddy Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 5 mins Feb 5, 2021





Zombie Reddy Review & Rating

Zombie Reddy Review: Brilliant But Not Re(a)ddy For Everyone

The premise

Every time Peter Parker or Spidey of the Marvel Cinematic Universe confronts something great or brilliant, he utters the expression: awesome awesome. Without giving second thoughts. That's a millennial catchphrase. Now, we have to say the same when we watch the films of director Prasanth Varma, and encounter his ideas.

The talented youngster who created ripples in the industry with his debut film AWE by impressing none other than Natural Star Nani and made him become a producer (of course: presenter) and bring in who and who's of Tollywood to be part of it. Even his second film Kalki despite its commercial failure is hailed for some of the detailing he has given to the plot. His wacky sense of humour won the appreciation of the youth.

Now, he's coming up with one of the most popular, known, and yet beaten to death genres which is funnily altogether new to Tollywood. That is... Zombie comedy. Zombies and their horror are so well known that to bring freshness to the genre, current generation writers are using well-loved classic stories like Pride and Prejudice and setting them in Zombie backdrop (the novel is excellent - Pride And Prejudice And Zombies).

Prashanth Varma seems to have done the same. He has taken the faction backdrop which was already beaten to death in Telugu and mixed it with Zombie genre. But his strength generally lies in his technical brilliance. Let's see if this comes to his aid this time with Zombie Reddy review. 

Mario and his world

Maripalla Obul Reddy is a youngster from Rayala Seema background (not exactly). He's into game creation. As with the modern day youth, he's generally well off and has a good number of friends. Also, he rechristened himself as Mario (you guessed it right). As the name he has himself given suggests, he's a gaming enthusiast. 

Currently he's busy with a game which is broken because of an error in the code. In real life he should have solved the issue in the city itself but as the director dictated, he goes to Kurnool area in order to seek the help of a friend (RJ Hemanth) who is about to be married. 

As they're going to a marriage, all of his gang gangup and join the journey which turns into an epic scare and escape voyage of their lives. On the way, an unexpected incident occurs. By the time they reach Kurnool, one of his friends, Kireeti becomes a Zombie. And you know what happens next.

There's more to this film than meets the eye.

But there's more to this film. Good emotional thread. A little bit of divine angle. Faction and its action which adds intrigue to the plot, and then plentiful of Zombie action. Prashanth Varma thankfully added liberal doses of comedy. And a few known, and a few more unexpected twists work or marr the watching experience based on how much you connect with the director's sense of humour. 


Teja Sajja is good in the role of Mario. He has great ease and a difficult to fathom sort of sense of humour in his expressions, and has good screen presence. This is a thrillingly good role after an easy and successful debut in Oh Baby where he played a crucial role as the lead actress' grandson. As Mario has had everything to do as a lead man. He's good in humour, neat in emotional thread, and has great grip on his physicality in the action sequences. He just needs to come out of his mould as a child artiste in the dialogue department. 

Aanandhi is a big asset for the film and a couple of twists on her are good though they are predictable. She made use of a meaty role. She's beautiful in an innocent manner. When it comes to others, 30 Years In Industry Prudhvi is okayish in his role while Raghu Babu tries to sparkle in a lifeless role (pun not intended). RJ Hemanth is neat. Among the others, Daksha Nagarkar did a fine job. Rest went through motions. 

Writing and direction

The premise of the film and the backdrop are beaten to death in films. But funnily, Tollywood hadn't made a Zombie film. In fact, not many Indian films too touched the genre. But he tried to give it a fresh narration and bring visceral energy through his narration. The narration is energetic and is pacy. Despite not entering the main subject as quickly as expected, he kept the proceedings smooth.

The way he introduced the Zombie angle is clapworthy. The interval block worked great. The humour worked in episodes. Getup Seenu block is an absolute fun fest. The zombie comedy and zombie horror elements are executed with authority. The way he used every craft is breathtakingly good. The screenplay is also fine. 

Worryingly, this film is not for everyone. The audience needs to understand the way the director creates fun with his particular sense of world. The in between the lines sort of narration is also not for everyone. On the surface, a section of the audience may feel why they're watching the film. Others who's on board his vehicle can have maximum fun. As a director he did brilliantly. 

The crew

The music by Mark K. Robin is the backbone of the film. The song Go Corona is good and the background score lends this film the required emotion. The cinematography is superb. All the zombie action is well canned. The art department has done a terrific job with budgetary constraints. The editing is good. Production values are good. 


As said earlier, if you can follow the inside jokes and hints of the director alongside being able to decipher his sense of world, you'll have a fun experience. Else, better avoid. For those who can connect with Prashanth Varma's sense of humour it's a fun ride. Don't miss it. 

Rating: 3 Out of 5.

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  • Rajesh

    12 Feb 21 @ 5:25 AM

    'Fun'tastic Zombie ride

  • Narasimhulu

    9 Feb 21 @ 7:39 PM

  • Anu

    6 Feb 21 @ 3:23 PM

    Super movie 

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