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World Famous Lover Review

U/A Action, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 35 mins Feb 14, 2020





World Famous Lover Review & Rating

World Famous Lover Review: An Anthology of Intense Love Stories

Love and romance

Love means never having to say I love you. No. It's not a quote from a book. Nor is it a misquote from the famous Love Story. It's just a true feeling. Love flows from hearts. Not from the minds.  It's an unseen connection. Not the one between the legs. Spreading the legs may be part of culminating the love. But purely it's not the only one connection.

That connection cannot be seen with the naked eye. It's not experienced just by the brain. But such connections exist. Though not many know it. Whether the love is consummated or not, whether the love has culminated or not. The connection never wavers. It can be felt. It can be experienced. Not when you think. But when you cease to think. That's why love is magical. Love itself is magical. If you don't believe it, just think why Lily Potter's love saved Harry's **** several times.

That's why love stories always fascinate us. That's why we have seen hundreds of thousands of love stories on the screen since the inception of cinema. Heck! Almost every film constitutes a love story though it may not always be a love story per se.

Vijay Deverakonda had shot to fame with a new-age romantic comedy. Later he became a star he is now with Arjun Reddy which transcended the boundaries of romantic films and dealt with love on a different plane. If people understand it or not. Now he says that he has his preferences have changed and this, World Famous Lover, will be his final love story. A love story to end all love stories. An ode to the feeling of love. By the man who made romantic films fashionable again.

Gautham and his world

Gautham! He's our man. A writer. And is in a live-in relationship with a young woman named Yamini. The famous Yamini... the much-discussed Yamini from the trailers. She's the bread earner. And he is the dependent. If you get the idea of a house husband a la one of our noted Gen X writer who revived the book publishing industry with someone's point, you may be off the point. This is different.

But Yamini is in the process of moving on from him because he's no good to her. Gautham wants to write a book. The eponymous World Famous Lover. How and if he ever makes amends with her and what happens to the book is all this film about.

Writing and direction 

Kranthi Madhav like a few current and just the previous generation filmmakers who started with filmmaking ideals started with films that talked mostly about values. Later he turned to commercial cinema after failing to become a force to reckon with. But the unknown territory helped him in no way. Now he is trying to up his game with bold content but with a difference by using the charisma of the hottest young talent in Telugu Cinema.

He has come up with a love story to end all love stories when it comes to Vijay Deverakonda's films at least. As the famous film pundit Sikander says, Telugu Cinema has been peppered with films that don't look beyond the obvious template love stories which start as romantic comedies and end up as romantic dramas. And another problem is the makers don't look into the real world romance. That of the stories of urban youth and the rural youth.

Fortunately, Kranthi Madhav has come up with a stupendous beginning and an ultimate urbane love story set up. But unfortunately, he failed to handle the subject. The story of Gautham and Yamini didn't click with the audience. None of these two characters are identifiable despite being modern. Their romance lacked soul. But once the setting changes to the coal mines and the story of Seenayya and Suvarna, the screen lights up.

It's the happy hunting ground for the filmmaker and in his native genre, he excelled. The way he etched out Seenayya and Suvarna's characters is simply marvelous. Vijay Deverakonda relished playing a different role for him and Aishwarya Rajesh - a top-class actress herself made most of the limited screen time. The dialogues here also flowed organically and blended with the tone and setting.

But the same cannot be said with the opening thread of Gautham and Yamini. The dialogues are bold. The acts are equally bold. The favorite word of Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese is used liberally (read: The sacred F Word). The lead actors talk about contraceptives and all. But nothing looks natural. Reason? Their romance lacked soul. The chemistry failed to create sparks. But the movie comes to the halfway point in a good way with a neat twist.

Unfortunately, the second half fails to move rapidly and the film becomes a tedious watch when it comes to the thread of Gautham and Yamini. The thread between Vijay and Isabelle Leite is peppy but is not much interesting. It has some exhilarating moments though. Most of the film is serious and the majority of the protagonist's character is brooding.

The only humor that comes in the film is from the thread of Seenayya and Suvarna. The direction is listless in the second half. While the writing is great as expected from Kranthi Madhav (dialogues are superb), direction lacked clarity.


Vijay Deverakonda is an explosive talent is an understatement but it's a fact we all know. He delivered easily the second-best performance of his career (Arjun Reddy is hard to beat. At least in terms of the impact it creates in the audience). He's good in the three roles in the film but it is as Seenayya he's refreshing. The other two variations are seen in most of his films. The dialogue delivery is spot-on and in his native Telangana slang, he's at his best. His styling and looks are superb for each character.

Among the four lead actresses, Aishwarya Rajesh makes a big impact. Though she has a limited screen time, we remember her even after we leave the theatre. Raashi Khanna is ultra-stylish and is decent as Yamini. Much is expected of her role. But in emotional scenes, she appeared lacking the required force. Isabelle Leite is neat.

Catherine Teresa played the role of a social welfare officer in Seenayya and Suvarna thread. She's good but doesn't have much to add value to the film on her own. Priyadarshi sparkles in a small role and the rest of the actors have no prominent roles, to begin with.

The crew

For films like this, music is a great strength. Unfortunately, Gopi Sundar comes up with a surprisingly mediocre score. Not even a single bit of the songs is memorable. The background score is good at least. The cinematography is superior. The visuals are textured with various emotions. The camera angles are neat. The editing is okayish in parts. The production design is top class. The production values by Creative Commercials are grand.


Despite the obvious flaws, World Famous Lover is a good film. But it doesn't live up to its title nor to the high talent of its star. You can watch it for the performances, visuals, and the truly novel storyline. It's a great subject, to begin with. Recommended. With reservations. A niche subject. May become the Orange of Vijay Deverakonda. Sans the irritating bubbliness of Genelia. 


  • Novel subject line
  • Vijay Deverakonda's performance and charisma
  • Seenayya-Suvarna episode
  • Aishwarya Rajesh performance
  • Dialogues


  • Faltering second half
  • Lack of clarity in director
  • Mediocre music

Khelo Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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