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W/o Ram Review

U/A Drama, Suspense, Thriller 1 hrs 58 mins Jul 20, 2018





W/o Ram Review & Rating


W/o Ram review: A Decent Thriller In The Lines Of Kahani

When Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani released, critics and the audience were wowed with the narration and the highly unexpected twist. Telugu audience might have wanted to watch such a film in Telugu and few Telugu filmmakers wanted to make such a film. Not exactly that! But inspired by that nonetheless. 

Enter Vijay Yelakanti the associate of Rajamouli! He came up with a twisty tale of many points, W/O Ram, with Manchu Lakshmi in the lead. Manchu Lakshmi has been on the hunt for a hit these days with most of her previous movies have failed to make the cash registers ringing. Let's see if this talented actress scores a success with W/O Ram review. 

W/O Ram revolves around a woman named Deeksha who is suffering from the pain of the loss of her husband. It was portrayed as an accident, but Deeksha believes that it was a murder. She goes to the police initially but to no avail. Her pleas fall on deaf ears. The police neglect her case. 

Having no option but to solve the case herself, Deeksha starts her procedural investigation. This leads to some shocking truths. What really happened to Deeksha's husband, how she solves all the mysteries forms the crux of the story. 

Manchu Lakshmi is a very good actress and there is no doubt about it. That Vijay Yelakanti selected her for his heroine's role itself is a big plus point for the film W/O Ram. She did an excellent job in the bereaved but determined woman role. Especially in the last half an hour, her acting reaches great heights. 

Adarsh Balakrishna utilised the chance of playing the role of a baddie in Wife of Ram very well. Priyadarshi is superb in the role of a cop. Rest of the cast did well to make the movie tick on acting front. 

The director Vijay must be commended for coming up with such a film, a thriller like no other in recent memory barring Kshanam. But he failed in creating interest in the first half. It is only towards the climax that the movie's story starts to fall in place. There are some drags in the narration. But the second half, especially the last 15-20 minutes, is fantastic. 

The music by Raghu Dixit is good. The cinematography by Samala Bhaskar is top notch. The created the atmosphere for the movie quite well.  Editing should have been crisp in the first half. The production values are decent. 

On a whole, W/O Ram is Tollywood's answer to Kahaani, but not to quite that extent. Socially relevant point, first rate performance by Manchu Lakshmi, and the other cast, the final 20 minutes of the movie make the audience feel watching a good movie. You can watch it if you like thrillers or different movies.

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  • Satya

    20 Jul 18 @ 10:30 AM

W/o Ram Live Updates & Public Talk

Manchu Lakshmi has been trying her best to come up with interesting films where she plays the lead role and some films like Dongata turned out to be successful. Her recent flick Wife Of Ram (W/O Ram) has been one of the most talked about Telugu films in the recent times. The film was also selected for few film festivals. A special premiere show for W/O Ram was held yesterday and the response is mostly positive. Check out the celebs response for W/O Ram below.

The response from reviewers and the normal audience is also superb with Manchu Lakshmi being praised for her performance. The director of the film, Vijay Yelakanti is being praised for coming up with a taut thriller with an underlying message. W/O Ram has opened to unanimous positive response which is quite rare these days, check out the latest Tweets on W/O Ram below.

Stay tuned for more public talk and live updates of Wife Of Ram movie.

W/o Ram Preview

What is W/o Ram about?

Manchu Lakshmi is one of the few actors in Telugu Film Industry who is experimenting passionately. Also, as a producer, she had excelled in Telugu Cinema. Now, she is coming up in a female oriented movie in the form of W/o Ram. Directed by a newcomer, Vijay Yelakanti, this thriller is produced by Manchu Lakshmi herself in combination with People Media Factory. 

The story of the movie revolves around the search for a missing husband by a wife. One day, an anonymous person throws Deeksha's husband and escapes. She goes to the police. But as the case keeps dragged on, she takes the investigation into her hands. Then she crosses the path of the police. W/o Ram is a rare genre film in Telugu. 

What to expect from W/o Ram?

Manchu Lakshmi All the way

Manchu Lakshmi is a talented actress who received praise for her acting in the films she did. She always says that if she gets a performing role, she will show her full-scale acting prowess. Well, it seems that now with W/o Ram, she received the role she has been asking for. A thriller, this movie has seen Manchu Lakshmi play a serious role of a wife who loses her husband and it is an active character. 

Genre film

Telugu Cinema regularly witnesses mixed genre r masala films which try to cater to all sections of the audience. But films that stick to a single genre with a heart-pounding narration which keeps the audience glued to the seats are quite rare. Now and then these days, films like Kshanam came out and received critical acclaim and commercial success. Wo Ram is a true-blue genre film. It is a thriller. Period. 

Top grade production values

People Media Factory previously produced a movie like MLA with Kalyan Ram. They have given an excellent visual output without any compromises. Now, for W/o Ram, they joined hands with Manchu Lakshmi herself who played the protagonist in the movie. She is known as a producer with taste. We can expect W/o Ram to be a top-class thriller. 

Watch this space for W/o Ram review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!