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U Drama, Family 2 hrs 32 mins Jan 10, 2019





Viswasam Review & Rating


Viswasam Review: Ajith's Continued Viswasam On The Director Is Not Justified

The premise

Except for Yennai Aarindhaal, Thala Ajith did all his films in the previous five years with Siruthai Siva. Despite the fan service, none of these films really did justice for the stardom of Ajith nor they have given him challenging roles. All the movies are mostly underwhelming despite the denying of the fans for their own reasons. Veeram may be an exception. Now, they collaborated for the fourth time, in fact, all of Siva's last four films are with Ajith and he expressed his wish to make it five soon. 

But still, Ajith and his fans have kept their Viswasam (faith) on Siva and this masala entertainer happened. Ajith is joined by Nayanthara who is actually in great form with her heroine-oriented roles and Tollywood actor Jagapathi Babu is roped in to play the menacing villain. Let's see if Thala is given a film he deserves by Siva with Viswasam review. 

The story of Thooku Durai

Viswasam is the story of Thooku Durai who always stands for his people. He is an honest and upright leader of the village and settles the disputes using his brains and brawn depending on the situation. Like any self-respecting mass hero, when the heroine comes across him, he falls in love with her and acts goofy in her presence. Ajith gave a stellar performance in the role whenever he didn't go over the top. He is charming to the core even with the grey hair. 

The heroine is a medical doctor and Nayanthara's presence brought great weight to an otherwise regular self-respecting heroine in a mass film. She is Niranjana and consents to marry him despite poles apart from him in personality. She leaves him once she understands that he is an impulsive man and never refrains to settle the matters for the others. She leaves him with their daughter. No courts. No divorce. Just like that.

Thooku Durai's family asks him to change and start his life afresh and this is why he is currently in Mumbai to meet, convince, and bring her and his daughter whom he had not seen for more than a decade. But her life is in great danger from the business tycoon who expectedly is a borderline sociopath. He thinks he is the hero of his life and meets his match in the form of Thooku Durai who himself believes himself to be the villain of his own life. How he protects his daughter and get united with his wife form the rest of the story where we can predict what happens next like it is we who are writing the story. 

Terrific performances gone waste

The performances of the lead pair are terrific is a small word. Both Thala and the lady superstar brought their best for their respective roles but what fails them is a routine story which we have seen both in the family genre and action genre many times. They both made a great on-screen pair nevertheless. Nayanthara is gorgeous without being unsubtle. Any other actress, the role would have been ruined. 

Ajith donned a refreshing youngerself look in the past scenes and that is a feast for his fans. Special mention should be given to Jagapathi Babu who proved himself to be a perfect match for Ajith as fire meets fire in each of their face-off scenes. The girl who played Ajith-Nayan's daughter, Anikha, is fantastic in the role and the chemistry between these three as a family worked out wonders for the film and made it look better than it deserves. 

Pathetic direction

Director Siva brought nothing new to the screen nor even good twists like his compatriot Karthik Subbaraj who at least brought unexpected moments to Petta narration despite a routine story. The narration of Viswasam is as cliched as possible. The dialogues are over the top as expected but they went beyond irritating after a certain time period. The screenplay is similarly weak. Seriously, Siva needs to think about his work and need to mend his ways. Else, not the dreamed 5th movie with Ajith, he won't even be considered by other stars who are in good form. 

Okayish work by the crew

The music by D. Imman is good in parts. The background score is over the top at places. The cinematography by Vetri is good but nothing new on offer. The editing is weak. The art department did a fine job. The rural scenes have good locations and the Mumbai part too looked good on the screen. The production values are good. 


Ajith need s to consider whether he wants to become the universal star like his fans expect of him or just cater to his fans and be satisfied with the average end result. With strong performances from the lead pair, charming chemistry between Ajith and Nayan, and powerful villain in the form of Jagapathi Babu, Viswasam of Ajith and his fans is not justified by the director. Watch it only when you have no other options. Ajith fans too keep this in mind: if you really want your hero doing a great film or just look great on the screen and deliver a mediocre film? Choice is yours. 


  • Ajith and Nayanthara
  • Jagapathi Babu villainy
  • Baby Anikha


  • Routine story
  • Chliched narration
  • Pathetic direction

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Viswasam User Reviews

  • VîShãl

    10 Jan 19 @ 11:36 AM


  • C

    12 Jan 19 @ 12:04 AM

    Fantastic movie

  • W

    16 May 19 @ 12:40 PM

    Thala ajith career best film viswasam excellent performance thala nayanthara and anikha

    First half mass scenes and comedies very good performance 

    Second half emotional impact and climax scene very touching 

Viswasam Live Updates & Public Talk

Viswasam - The 4th movie in the combination of Ajith and director Siva has hit the screens today amidst huge buzz. The celebrations of Ajith fans speak for the amount of anticipation they had given the fact they waited for more than 1.5 years for the movie. The inclusion of Nayantara as the female lead has taken the expectations a notch higher. The film's theatrical run started with early morning shows all over the state and the response is kind of mixed. 

According to a few of the trade analysts and film critics, the first half of Viswasam is said to be fairly engaging with the much-talked rain fight being the major highlight. The response from the general audience for is very promising as they are impressed by the combination of Thala and Siva, once again. Siva seems to have packaged the first half with some good family moments while adding the rain fight to please the mass audience.

The second half of Viswasam is said to be a treat for Ajith fans with as many as 5 well-choreographed action blocks. However, the way the screenplay has been treated by Siva is being said as a drawback about the film. Ajith and Nayantara are being praised by the audience for doing full justice to their roles and especially Ajith is said to have done a fantastic job, especially in the action sequences.

Stay tuned for more live updates and review of Viswasam.

Viswasam Preview

What is Viswasam About?

The fans have kept all their Viswasam on Thala Ajith's latest film (pun intended) and the expectations on this film have skyrocketed ever since the release date is announced as Pongal. After a long long long gap, two top Tamil star heroes are facing off each other in a titanic battle at the box office. The other is superstar Rajinikanth, the undisputed king of South Indian Cinema, and his film Petta. 

With such a huge competition, in reality, thrives the superstars and Viswasam is shaping up to be what Rajinikanth's movies were in the 1990s. This fourth combination of director Siva and Ajith is shaping up to be a mass entertainer and Ajith is sporting a new look. With a baddie as powerful as Jagapathi Babu, Viswasam is going to make a big sound at least initially at the box office. 

Viswasam Promises

Masala entertainer

Siva and Ajith have previously worked together for three movies and despite varying results, their combination is always special for the way the director shows Thala. Here, in Viswasam, Ajith is Thuku Durai who takes on the baddies just like that. He faces off with an industrialist who always wants to be the number one as it is his identity. The film has all the highlights expected from this combination and it promises to make your Pongal extra special. 

Ajith vs Jagapathi Babu

Tollywood's favorite villain Jagapathi Babu is roped in to play the antagonist in this film. He has the stature and the screen presence to match Ajith toe to toe and as he proved with Thalapathy Vijay's Bairavaa, he is always up to the task. Jagapathi Babu says that he is the hero of his story which gets ironic as Ajith, the well-loved Kollywood actor who is known for his demigod image says he himself is the villain in his life. The attitude shown on the screen by these two actors is terrific and both of them sported salt and pepper look. While Ajith is always veshti-clad, Jagapathi Babu looked sophisticatedly menacing in suits. 

Team assembled by Siva

Siva is known for making films rich in mass elements and the heroism shown by his lead actors always border on over the top. But he knows the nuances of grand storytelling and he has chosen a powerful story worthy of Ajith's image. The final dialogue by Thala in the trailer is as good as it gets when it comes to the mass elevation of the hero. 

Vetri's cinematography captured the rustiness of the atmosphere and the angles used to highlight Ajith's strengths are top-notch. The music scored by the noted composer D. Imman is already a success with the fans. The production values appear to be grand and fans can sleep peacefully in the Viswasam that this film will shake the box office. 

Lady superstar with Thala 

Of course, how can we forget lady superstar Nayanthara is playing the female lead where she teams up with Thala after a bit of gap? In the time between their previous combination and this film, she has grown in stature with several solo blockbusters.

Her presence is an added advantage in terms of stardom and Thala's romance with her as a youngster (we know he sports a new look with young appearance, no?) will be one of the major highlights in this film. In an otherwise limited role, Nayanthara is appearing quite gorgeous too. She plays the role of Dr. Niranjana and she agreed to play the role just for Ajith. 

Keep watching for Viswasam review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!