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U Drama, Realistic, Thriller 2 hrs 32 mins Jun 7, 2019
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Direction: Aashiq Abu

Cast: Tovino Thomas as Collector Paul, Kunchako Boban as Dr Suresh Rajan. Parvathy as Dr Annu, Asif Ali as Vishnu, Joju George as Attender Babu, Soubin Shahir as Unnikrishnan, Rima Kallingal as Sister Akhila, Revathy as Health Minister Pramila, Sreenath Bhasi as Dr Abid, Indrajith as Dr Baburaj, Poornima Indrajith as Dr Smrithy Bhasker, Zakariya as Zakariya.

Virus, the medical thriller of 2019, is based on the real incidents that shook the health system of the state in 2018. The Nipah Virus Outbreak of 2018 claimed the lives of both public and health care professionals. Virus is a film that attempts to showcase what caused the outbreak, how it affected random people and how the health care providers contained the spread with a systematic approach having backing from the administration.

Virus is a well-crafted multi-starrer with the best of talents from the present generation of actors and a few yester-year actors. The fact that the film was made on fictional documentation of news reports on the Nipah virus attack can be called a screen-writing miracle (as quoted by a critic)

Virus takes us to the first victim of the Nipah Epidemic- Zakariya, how he caught the virus, how it spread from him to fellow patients in the hospital and to his health care providers. Popular actors Kunchacko Boban, Parvathy, Sreenath Bhasi, Rahman, Indrajith play the doctors. Soubin Shahir, Asif Ali, Indrans, Madonna Sebastian play the patients. Joju George and Rima Kallingal play the support medical staff. Revathy, TovinoThomas play the representatives of the Government. 

Virus was well-received both critically and commercially. With a long list of brilliant actors, sleek direction, thumping background score, visually shot frames, Virus was a truly a perfect tribute film to the fight and survival tactics undergone by the people of Kozhikode.


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