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Vimaanam Review

Drama 2 hrs 23 mins Dec 22, 2017





Vimaanam Review & Rating


Debutant Pradeep M Nair's Vimaanam starring Prithviraj in the lead role is a much-anticipated movie. The movie is assumed to be marked among Prithviraj's career best by movie buffs and going by the stills and the trailer, it has all chances to be so. Written by the director himself, the movie also stars newbie Durga Krishna, Lena, Anarkali Marikkar, Saiju Kurup, and Alencier Ley in lead roles among others. The rustic look of characters and the backdrop has worked in favor of the movie. Songs composed by Gopi Sunder has also been well-received among the audience. Well, does the movie lives up to the expectation of the audience and the pre-release hype it managed to create? Let's see. 

Vimaanam, inspired by the real-life story of Saji M Thomas, revolves around the life of Venkiti who dreams of making an aircraft. While people terms him crazy and considers him dreams impossible, his girlfriend Janaki stands by him. After going through a series of failures Venkiti one day realizes his dream of flying over his village in his own aircraft with a little help from his father figure Roger. Meanwhile, one drastic step taken by Janaki to help her man changes his life forever. 

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With his script, Pradeep M Nair has brought in a lot of freshness in the narrative pattern. The w...

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Vimaanam is a well-shot movie which is rich with some endearing performances. Prithviraj who plays the title character Venkiti appears in two looks; one as a naive village boy and as a grey-haired scientist. While the actor has delivered a justifying performance, female lead Durga Krishna who played an equally important role opposite to Prithviraj has made an impressive debut. Another stunning performance was by actor Alencier Ley who steals the show with his perfect timing. His perfectly slips into his character and is very convincing. Others including Saiju Kurup, Lena, Sudheer Karaman and Anarkali Marikkar have also done justice to their respective roles. 

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The film-makers involved high VFX works for the flying scenes and is also consider as a high budg...

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Pradeep M Nair, the writer and director of Vimaanam, has managed to bring in a lot of freshness in narrative and theme without the naivety of a first-timer. But the movie could have been better had he been given a little less prominence to the romance which towards the end offers the viewer nothing new. Gopi Sunder's music perfectly gell with scenes while Shehnad Jalal has done a fine job with the cinematography of the film. 

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Final Verdict: Vimaanam is a beautifully shot, enjoyable film for all kind of moviegoers.

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Vimaanam Live Updates & Public Talk

Vimaanam stars Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role and is directed by Pradeep M Nair who is making his directorial debut. Durga Krishna, the heroine of the film is making her debut with this film which released today. This film is said to be inspired by real-life incidents and the trailer for the film was also received well. Now that the film has released, let's take a look at how the audience are reacting to it. Check out their Tweets below:

As the noon shows come to an end, Vimaanam is getting superb reports from the audience. Prithviraj's dedication and performance in the film are being praised by the audience. Though the narration seems to be a little slow at times, the movie turned out to be a watchable entertainer according to the public response. Check out the Tweets from the audience to know more.

Prithviraj's Vimaanam is being praised for the amazing team efforts and terrific performances from the lead cast. According to the latest Tweets from the audience, the narration seems to be slow but technical aspects seem to be brilliant. See the latest Tweets from below.

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Vimaanam Preview

What Is It About?

Vimaanam, written and directed by debutant Pradeep M Nair, is the real-life story of a young man who fought against all odds to build an aircraft on his own. Prithviraj stars in the title role of the movie as Venkat. Newbie Durga Krishna is the female lead. The cast o the movie also includes Alencier Ley, Sudheer Karamana, Nedumudi Venu, Saiju Kurup, Shanthi Krishna, and Anarkali Marikkar among others. Listin Stephen has bankrolled the movie under the banner of Magic Frames. 

What To Expect?

  • An inspiring movie with a pinch of romance and drama

Vimaanam, as we know, is inspired the real-life story of Idukki native Saji M Thomas, who despite being handicapped made his own aircraft. But however, the makers have seems to give in the movie enough entertainment quotient, giving it a new context and adding some extra layers. 

  • Yet Another Brilliant Performance From Prithviraj

Prithviraj is one of those actors who would go an extra mile to make his characters perfect. His role in the movie as a handicapped, naive young man whose curiosity knows no limits, is one of its kind in the actor's career. And from the looks of it, he has done it to perfection. 

  • Gopi Sunder's music

Gopi Sunder's music is another major attraction of Vimaanam. He has brought out some melodious tunes for the movie which are different from the loud and upbeat songs he is known for. 

  • A Stellar Performance From The Cast

The presence of actors like Alencier and Shanthi Krishna is the cast is another major highlight of Vimaanam. Actors like Sudheer Karamana, Saiju Kurup, Anarkali Marikkar also appears in the movie in key roles. And one can definitely look forward to some stellar performance.