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Vikadakumaran Review

Drama Mar 29, 2018





Vikadakumaran Review & Rating


Vikadakumaran is the second movie from Boban Samuel, the director of 2013 Malayalam comedy thriller which was a box office success. The movie stars Kattappanayile Rithwick Roshan duo Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan Bolagatty in the lead roles and is billed to be in the same genre as director's previous movie. Indrans, Byju, Seema G Nair, Sunil Sukhada and Jinu Joseph among others form the cast of Vikadakumaran while Rahul Raj composes music and Ajay David Kachappilly is the cinematographer. Read Vikadakumaran review here.

Binu Choorezhan, the main protagonist of Vikadakumaran, is a small town lawyer with big aspirations. Having Nandagopal Maarar, Mammootty's lawyer character from the film Narasimham as his role model, this young and clumsy lawyer who survives on petty cases dreams of making it big one day and becoming a well-known criminal lawyer in the Supreme Court. Manikandan, his clerk, supports him well throughout in everything. Sindhu, a Kudumbasree employ at the court, is his love interest. Everything goes well and okay for Binu until the entry of the antagonist to Vikadakumaran. The movie which has been so far in the mood of an average comedy flick, with this gears into the pace of a thriller. 

Rating 2.5 from  filmibeat

The film does take its own time to fall into the track. In fact, there are some dragging moments ...

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Vishnu and Dharmajan combo have nailed a perfect chemistry this time too. Like in Kattappanayile Rthitwick Roshan, the bromance between the two is entertaining and fun to watch. Vishnu Unnikrishnan has handled his lawyer character convincingly enough while there is not so much Dharamjan could do in his underdeveloped character solely made for humor. Jinu Joseph who plays the antagonist of Vikadakumaran is effective in his role and makes his presence felt in every frame with his stylish look and charming baddie attitude. Although there was nothing much the leading lady of the movie Manasa Radhakrishnan could do in her poorly written role, she has given her best shot at portraying Sindhu. Rest of the cast including Byju, Seema G Nair, and Indrans has delivered a convincing performance in their respective roles.

Rating 2.5 from  lensmenreviews

When you have rooted stories happening in the industry with subtle and genuine humour, this kind ...

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With Vikadakumaran, Boban Samuel doesn't succeed in helming a movie that is on par with his debut directorial Romans, despite attempting the same genre. While there are only a  few scenes which suggest the absence of strong direction, the weakness of the script written by YR Rajesh is apparent throughout the film. It is the desperation to cook up comedy that backfires this comedy thriller movie the biggest. Vikadakumaran could have been a better movie if it had well-written characters backed by a strong and fluid script. There is not so much to compliment about the technical side which doesn't offer anything new in content or package. 

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

. The first half lags often and the last parts suggest Salim Kumar’s dialogue in the film, ...

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Final Verdict:  A one time watch worth some laughs.

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Vikadakumaran Live Updates & Public Talk

Romans director Boban Samuel is making a second outing with Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan duo Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan Bolgatty starrer Vikadakumaran which is being bankrolled by Arun Gosh and Bejoy Chandran who have earlier cashed Romans. The movie also stars Manasa Radhakrishnan, Salim Kumar, Parvathy Nair, Devika Nambiar, Baiju, Indrans and many others. Interestingly, Vikadakumaran is hitting theatres in the Vishu-Easter holiday season and is anticipated to be a perfect fun-filled entertainer with a tinge of suspense. Well, let's see what it is all about and how the viewers are finding it in the theatres.

Going by the audience responses, Vikadakumaran, like director's debut movie Romans, is also a thriller. And this it's a legal backdrop Boban Samuel has come up with. Vishnu and Dharmajan combo have managed to come up with an entertaining performance this time as well and there is enough comedy to keep one entertained all throughout.

Actor Baiju who is known for many character roles in various Malayalam movies seems to have struck a chord with the audience after a long while. The viewers look highly impressed by his character. In short, Vikadakumaran looks like a watchable thriller with a fair share of humor and entertainment.

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Vikadakumaran Preview

What Is Vikadakumaran About?

Touted to be a full-on fun comedy entertainer, Roman's director Boban Samuel's latest venture Vikadakumaran is a tale about a young lawyer who takes up a case regarding an idol theft. Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan Bolgatty star in the pivotal roles of Vikadakumaran while Manasa Radhakrishnan plays the leading lady. Salim Kumar, Parvathy Nair, Devika Nambiar, Baiju, and Indrans are also part of the movie. The movie is backed by Arun Gosh and Bejoy Chandran who have earlier teamed up with Boban Samuel for his debut directorial Romans.

What To Expect From Vikadakumaran?

The Impressive Comeback Of Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan Duo

Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Dharmajan Bolgatty first shared screen space in the Nadirshah directorial Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan which hit theatres 2013. The hit duo, noted for their commendable chemistry and spot-on comic timing,  is making a comeback together in Boban Samuel's. While Vishnu who plays the lead role in the movie will be seen as a lawyer, Dharmjan is essaying the role of his clerk. The trailer hints an impressive chemistry between two and it is indeed something to look out for!

Roman's Team Promising Return

Boban Samuel's debut directorial Romans was a decent box office hit which received decent reviews. And it is indeed promising when the director and the producers team up after a gap of five years for another movie which is also touted to be of the same genre. Like Romans which was an out-and-out comedy with a tinge of suspense, Vikadakumaran, as far as the trailer unveils, is also a fun movie with an intriguing story and respectable twists.

Manasa Radhakrishnan's Performance In The Lead Role

Manasa Radhakrishnan started her career in 2008 as a child artist in the movie Kannuneerinum Madhuram. She made her debut as a female lead in the 2016 Tamil film Sandi Kuthirai and made her Malayalam debut in Paulettante Veedu in a lead role. Her recent performance in movies Tiyaan and Kaattu were impressive and promising. Manasa Radhakrishanan's performance is another thing to watch out for in Vikadakumaran.  

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