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Vijetha Review & Rating


What can you expect when an actor from the Mega Family makes his debut? A mass film? A romantic entertainer? Well, this son-in-law of mega Star himself, Kalyan Dhev comes up with a family drama that concentrates mostly on the relationship between the father and son. Rakesh Sasi of Jatha Kalise fame directs this prestigious project. 

When the title of the movie is announced as Vijetha, there were comments about choosing a familiar and most loved title of Chiranjeevi. At the same time, expectations are created. As with the previous Vijetha, this Kalyan Dhev's debut film is about a father and a son. Let's see if this Mega Son-in-law's debut is successful or not with Vijetha review.

Ram is a happy-go-lucky youngster who leads an aimless life like just about every youth hero in Tollywood films. His father Srinivasa Rao has done everything in this power to empower him to make choices he wants in life and to settle down in a job doing something he loves. 

Yet Ram grows up to be an irresponsible individual who believes in pranking ambulances and stalking his neighbor Chaitra played by Malavika Nair in the name of love instead of doing something constructive with his time like a generic youth Telugu movie hero. His father faces insults from his friends and relatives, not to talk about the neighbours. 

Unable to bear with his father's pestering, Ram tries to start an event management venture. This is when an unexpected twist occurs and the rift between the father and son grows. How Ram solves all the problems and becomes successful as his father wanted forms the crux of the story. 

Kalyan Dhev is impressive in his debut unless when he needs to emote. He gets a song to dance, and he did a decent job of it. He needs to improve his diction and body language. Malavika Nair's character has no importance. She did a nice job. Sathyam Rajesh as the hero's friend is wasted in a routine comedy role. 

But it is Murali Sharma who played Ram's father that steals the show. Despite higher screen time, it seems that Kalyan Dhev's character is a supporting role in the film while it is actually a Murali Sharma film. The way he conveys a middle class father's love for his family and concern over his son is simply marvelous. 

Rakesh Sasi's direction is good in parts. Keeping in mind Kalyan Dhev's strengths and weaknesses in mind, he selected a regular youth-oriented role for him. The narration goes in the routine route until the second half. This is where the story takes a turn for good. The emotional scenes are handled very well. 

Music by Harshavardham Rameshwar is good. The background score and a couple of songs are excellent. The cinematography by Senthil Kumar is fantastic. The middle class atmosphere is captured in an authentic manner. Editing work is clean without any jerks. Production values by Varahi Chalana Chitram are decent. 

Overall, Vijetha is a decent debut for Kalyan Dhev. Despite the result of this film, he will get another chance. But it is his improvement in performance that makes him successful. Murali Sharma literally carried the film on his shoulders, and boy what a job it is! A passable flick.

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Vijetha User Reviews

  • RamaKrishna RK

    28 Jul 18 @ 5:32 PM

    Fully Message Forward And Full Enjoyable And Good Film To Watch With Children
  • Manikanta Sai

    19 Jul 18 @ 7:59 AM

    super  film

  • Siddhu

    18 Jul 18 @ 1:26 AM

Vijetha Live Updates & Public Talk

One more hero from the stable of Mega Family, Kalyan Dhev comes up with Vijetha. This father and son drama hits the screens today. Varahi Chalana Chitram introduces this new actor with a clean film. Malavika Nair joins Kalyan Dhev as the lead actress. The talk for the movie is mixed to positive after the early and morning shows. 


The morning shows are completed and the matinees are underway. Vijetha's mixed response continues with some calling it a decent debut for Kalyaan Dhev and other calling it a cliche-filled entry. 

With most of the evening shows are underway, Vijetha's mixed talk continues, but the performance of Murali Sharma, basic storyline of displaying the heart of a father and the relationship between a father and a son are praised by the critics and the audience alike. 


Vijetha Preview

What Is Vijetha All About?

Vijetha marks the debut of Kalyaan Dev, the son-in-law of Mega Star Chiranjeevi and it is directed by Rakesh Shashi. Malavika Nair who impressed the Telugu audience with her performances in films like Yevade Subramanyam, Kalyana Vaibhogane, and Mahanati is the female lead of this film. One of the reputed production houses of Telugu film industry, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram has bankrolled this film which is touted to be an emotional family entertainer. The film is carrying a decent buzz in the market as Kalyaan Dev hails from one of the popular filmy families of Tollywood.

What To Expect From Vijetha?

A Feel Good Entertainer

The trailer of Vijetha starts off on an entertaining note but gets emotional towards the end portraying the relationship between a father and his lazy son. Going by the track record of Vaarahi banner, Vijetha can be expected to be a feel good entertainer which is high on emotions and drama. Though we have seen many films like 7/G Bridavanan Colony touching this subject, Vijetha seems to be a tad different because Murali Sharma plays the role of hero's father.

Good Performances

As it is his first film, we cannot expect much from the hero of the film, Kalyaan Dev but apart from him, the film has a bunch of talented actors. As said earlier, the film's lead actress Malavika Nair has shown her acting prowess in her previous films and we can expect one more brilliant performance from her, if she is given a scope. The film also has Murali Sharma in a prominent role and as the film is touted to be a family drama showcasing the relationship between a middle class father and son, we can expect a good performance from him.

Apart from these three, the film also has a bunch of other actors like Prudhvi, Tanikella Bharani, SS Kanchi, V Jayaprakash, Rajeev Kanakala and others who are known to be reliable actors of Tollywood.

Technical Brilliance

Vijetha has cinematography by Senthil Kumar who has worked for blockbuster films like Eega, Magadheera, and Baahubali. The visuals in the trailer are very bright and colorful. We can expect more of his brilliant work in the film. The rich production values of Vaarahi banner can be seen in the trailer and they have a reputation of coming up with films which have high production values. So we can expect the same for this film as well.

Rakesh Sashii made his directorial debut with Jatha Kalise which was an average grosser but he was appreciated for coming up with a different subject. This time he has chosen to come up with a subject which is relatable to the youth, so we can expect him to do justice this time.