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Taxiwaala Review

U/A Comedy, Supernatural, Thriller 2 hrs 10 mins Nov 17, 2018





Taxiwaala Review & Rating


Taxiwala Review: A Bumpy But Thrilling Ride

A mixed genre film

Maybe it's planned or coincidence, Vijay Deverakonda's films released till now are entirely different in genre, and presentation. Despite the undercurrent attitude, his characters are generally different. Taxiwala which has been a long time in coming. The movie is a mixed genre film. A horror comedy with supernatural and science fiction elements, Taxiwala is a mixed genre film. 

The Taxiwaala

Siva Kumar is a common youngster who is in the search for a job. He is brought up by his elder brother and sister-in-law. So as not to be a burden for them, he goes to the city in order to find a living. There he stays with Baabai who runs a garage. After trying out many jobs, he finally decides to become a cabbie. His brother and sister-in-law help him with money to purchase a car. He gets a vintage car and becomes the eponymous Taxiwaala. 

In one of the rides, Siva comes across Dr. Anusha, and they both fell in love. Suddenly, his smooth running life takes a drastic turn. He finds that his car is haunted by a ghost. A doctor was killed by it in the cab which makes Siva frightened. He decides to get rid of the car to no avail. Siva and his friends decide to find the previous owner of the car. There, they meet a professor who gives them a shocking revelation. What is the truth behind the spirit in the car? How Siva come out of his troubles form the rest of the story. 

Terrific performances

Priyanka Jawalkar who made her feature film debut with this film is good in the limited role. She is cute and has a good chemistry with Vijay D. Madhunandan who played the role of the garage owner is good in his role. The young actor who played the role of Hollywood is superb. His comedy scenes with Madhunandan take the movie to the next level. Kalyani and Ravi Prakash who played Vijay D's sister-in-law and brother are natural. Their scenes with Vijay have an emotional punch. 

Malavika Nair has a crucial role in the movie and she is stunning. Senior actress Yamuna brings her experience to the fore in a small but important role. Ravi Varma who played the role of the professor is not that convincing in the role. Sijju and Uttaj did justice for their characters. Rest of the cast did justice to their roles to varying levels. 

Decent job by the director

Rahul Sankrityan has come up with a regular story but gave it a new touch. The concept of astral projection is right out of Suryadevara Rammohan Rao novels. He made the concept easily understandable to all sections of the audience. The narration is good for the most part. But the screenplay could have been better. Though the spirit sequences come relatively early in the movie, the original point comes only after the interval. But he handled the interval block in a stupendous manner. The comedy is outright hilarious. As a director, he did a commendable job for a newcomer (Taxiwaala is his second film). 

The crew

The music by Jakes Bejoy goes hand in hand with the narration. But when it comes to the songs, only Maate Vinadhuga registers well. Crazy Car goes with the flow of the narration. The cinematography by Sujith Sarang is top-notch. The framing, lighting, angles are set quite well. The visuals are striking. The editing by Sreejith Sarang is decent. The second half could have been trimmed a bit. The production values are terrific. The art department did a great job.


Vijay Deverakonda proves again that he is a versatile actor and not a one trick pony with Taxiwaala. He foregoes his heroic image and becomes one with the character. He is brilliant both in the comic and emotional scenes. The dialogue delivery is impeccable. The scene where he understands that there is a ghost in his car is enough to prove his command as an actor. 

All in all, Taxiwala is a decent film with thoroughly enjoyable comedy and nice thrills. The central point of the astral projection may not go well with all sections of audience. The movie fails to make an impact with the climax. The second half is sluggish at certain points. Despite all this, Taxiwaala ends up as a decent one time watch. But informed audience may feel it could have been a bit better. 

Taxiwaala Critic Reviews

Taxiwaala User Reviews

  • Vamsi

    17 Nov 18 @ 12:12 PM

    comedy in first half is👍

    interval sceen Adhurs.

    kiraak BGM.

  • G

    17 Nov 18 @ 11:30 AM

    Except for the astral projection and a few funny scenes, Taxiwala has nothing special to offer. A one time timepass watch

  • Sai Prakash Guptha

    30 May 19 @ 2:57 PM

Taxiwaala Live Updates & Public Talk

Vijay Deverakonda starrer Taxiwala has been in the making for a long time and finally hits the screens today. The Rahul Sankrityan directorial promises to be a thrilling ride with a supernatural element. As the previews ended and the early and morning shows are underway, the movie started with generally mixed to positive reviews. Vijay Deverakonda performance and the comedy are said to be the highlights of the film. The first half goes in entertainment mode and the real story starts by the interval point.

Some of the early watchers say that Vijay Deveraknda's character is just okayish and doesn't carry the punch of the previous films. The first half starts off in an interesting manner. The character named Hollywood said to have been stealing the show. Though the subject looks serious, the film is never short of entertainment. The first half has a good amount of entertainment, Thrilling scenes and interesting around ghost factor. The second half has actual story content and entertainment was carried throughout the movie.

The interval block makes the movie fall in the line. Vijay D's drunken monologue with his car is hilarious. Overall, the general critical consensus of the movie is it is a decent comedy thriller with a supernatural angle. Taxiwala is a one time watch. The movie has a good basic concept. The second half drags a little bit. 

Keep watching for more Taxiwala public talk and live updates. 

Taxiwaala Preview

What is Taxiwala About?

Vijay Deverakonda has been at the forefront of new age Telugu Cinema. The sensational young hero has carved out a path for himself with different kind of films that are identifiable for the majority of the youth these days. The Rahul Sankrityan directorial Taxiwala revolves around a man and his machine. Or rather his mission?

There is a supernatural element in the film with the protagonist haunted by a ghost in his vintage looking car. Vijay D plays the role of a regular youth who has taken five years to complete his graduation and and is in search of a job. He comes into the ownership of a possessed vintage car and the unexpected adventures he has with it form the basic story of Taxiwala. This supernatural comedy thriller is produced jointly by GA2 Pictures and UV Creations. 

Taxiwala Promises

A thrilling ride with the possessed car

Though Taxiwala has an uncanny resemblance with Nayanthara starrer Dora, the two films revolve around a vintage car which has its own agenda of taking revenge on people unrelated to its current owner. But the films are worlds apart when it comes to the treatment. Taxiwala appears to be more youthful and with a star hero like Vijay Deverakonda, it appeals more to the younger generation of the audience. The possessed car which kills people at random, and a beyond-science explanation of the events promise a thrilling experience. 

Quality experience by a talented team

Rahul Sankritya is a promising young filmmaker with different kind of ideas. His previous film The End received praise for its innovative storytelling despite an indifferent result. Jakes Bejot composes the musical score for the movie. He made himself a name in Tamil and Malayalam Cinema and Taxiwala is his debut in Tollywood. Sujith Sarang cinematography is atmospheric. Taxiwala is visually rich and the graphics work also appears to be awesome. 

And Vijay Deverakonda show

Vijay Deverakonda's stardom grew exponentially since the initiation of the movie Taxiwala. It could have been his first movie post-Arjun Reddy. But the film was postponed multiple times and in the meantime, he has other releases which turned out to be big hits. With a gen x film coupled with his stardom, Taxiwala, if clicks, is going to be another film to be talked about for a long time. With each film, Vijay Deverakonda is displaying a different angle in his acting repertoire. Taxiwala is going to be another showcase of his unlimited talent. 

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