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Taxiwaala Full Movie

U/A Comedy, Supernatural, Thriller 2 hrs 10 mins Nov 17, 2018
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Taxiwaala Story

Director: Rahul Sankrityan

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda as Shiva, Priyanka Jawalkar as Dr. Anusha, Malavika Nair as Sirisha Bharadwaj, Vishnu as Hollywood, and Ravi Varma as Sirisha's professor. 

Taxiwaala tells the story of a youngster whose for hire taxi is apparently possessed by a spirit. Shiva is brought up by his brother and sister in law. He completes his graduation with their help. He doesn’t want to be a burden for the middle-class couple and comes to Hyderabad to find a job. After trying his luck with a few odd jobs, he finds this life style is not for him and decides to become a cab driver. 

His sister in law helps him by selling her jewellery and he purchases a vintage car. On one of his earliest rides, he comes across Anusha aka Anu who is a medical doctor. He falls in love with her. When his life is taking a smooth ride, trouble starts when he finds that his car has its own mind. When one of his customers is shit scared, he and his friends conclude that the car is possessed. 

In a sudden twist, one of his passengers is killed by the car or the spirit possessing the car. Terrified, he with help of his friends decide to trace the car’s previous owner and comes across a shocking truth. What is that truth? How and if Shiva gets rid of the spirit form the rest of the story. 

Taxiwaala received generally positive reviews with most of the praise going for the hilarious and innovative comedy, direction and the performances of the lead actors. The movie went on to become a big commercial success and was recorded as a super hit at the box office. Vijay Deverakonda and the actor who played the comedy role Hollywood received high critical acclaim.

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