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Geetha Govindam Review

U/A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 28 mins Aug 15, 2018





Geetha Govindam Review & Rating


Geetha Govindam Review - An Adorable Romantic Comedy

The stars

Geetha Govindam is the much talked about movie of the recent times with the most happening hero Vijay Devarakonda's first solo hero venture since the blasting blockbuster Arjun Reddy. The expectations hit the sky and rightfully after the audio launch. There was a customary controversy too. The song crooned by Vijay Devarakonda faced the ire of the netizens. 

As easy as it sounds to make a rom-com, we've often seen filmmakers try and fail when it comes to successfully executing a breezy entertainer in Tollywood these days. Director Parasuram who had proved himself to be adept at handling entertainers with movies like Sarocharu gets it right with Geetha Govindam. The casting is spot on, writing impressive and pace of the film is just about right despite the hiccoughs in the second half. With an adorable lead pair and some great music, Geetha Govindam is thoroughly entertaining. 

Geetha and Govind

The story revolves around Vijay Govind played with ease by Vijay Deverakonda, a college lecturer, and Geetha his dream girl. Govind dreams of getting married and settling down with a woman of his dreams. He's a typical youngster who likes to drink and goof around with his buddies but the only thing on his mind is marriage. 

While on his quest to find a girl, he runs into Geetha played delightfully by heartthrob Rashmika Mandanna. He falls for her immediately like any self-respected Tollywood hero. But she remains cold and distant towards him as she thinks bad of her character as a womanizer.  

They go on a bus journey together. As soon as she starts warming up to him, he makes a big mistake, that not only derails his entire love story but could also potentially impact his relationship with his father played by Naga Babu whose voice is surprisingly dubbed and soon to be brother-in-law. What happens after that and how he clears the misunderstandings and win Geetha's heart and complete the duo of Geetha Govindam form the rest of the story. 

The bad

In the movie, there are a few quirks. Geetha is convinced that Govind is a compulsive flirt and an irresponsible youngster, while he calls Madam and keeps insisting that he's a sincere and innocent guy with good intentions all along.  Whenever he comes close to convincing her, something or the other goes wrong and it continues in this vein to the point that it gets irritatingly repetitive, but the way the actors pull it off makes it worthwhile. The jodi of Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devarakonda is simply irresistible. 

The good

The dialogues are good and the humour works out quite well. Most of the movie is dealt with in a fun manner. The direction by Parasuram is good and suffers a bit during the repetitive scenes. But he excels again towards the climax. The screenplay also goes in the same pattern with a bit of dip in the initial stages of the second half. The first half is nicely set up for the launch of the story including the attitudes of the lead pair. 

The music by Gopi Sundar is good on the ears and Geetha Govindam can be termed as a return to form for him after flirting with unknown entities like mass masala movies. The cinematography is quite colourful. The visuals are pleasing. The production values are first rate which is no surprise considering the fact that Geetha Govindam is produced by Geetha Arts. 

And then

On a whole, Geetha Govindam is an adorable romantic comedy with a stunning lead pair and pleasing songs. The movie is based on humour. Subbaraju's character is quite good as is Vennela Kishore's act. A couple of surprising cameos in the form of Nithya Menen and Anu Emmanuel are great. They added a different flavour to the film. Just go and enjoy the romance

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Geetha Govindam User Reviews

  • Rich

    3 Sep 18 @ 12:52 AM

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  • Lakki

    19 Aug 18 @ 6:23 PM

    i like this movie and i am big fan of him

  • Deepak

    17 Aug 18 @ 6:39 PM

     super hit in comedy is super and vijaydevarakonda acting is very super excellent

    Movie super hit

Geetha Govindam Live Updates & Public Talk

Arjun Reddy has earned Vijay Devarakonda unprecedented craze among the youth. He has come up with a youthful entertainer Geetha Govindam which is bankrolled by the prestigious Geetha Arts banner. The film carried a very positive buzz right from the first look, thanks to the unique and aggressive promotions. The film has finally hit the screens today amidst a few controversies, let's see what the audience have to say about Geetha Govindham.

The initial response from the overseas audience is quite positive with Vijay Devarakonda's performance being said as the major highlight. The chemistry between lead pair and comedy scenes involving Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ramakrishna seem to be the major positive factors going by the Tweets of the audience. Check out the live updates of Geetha Govindam by the audience.

As the early and morning shows came to an end, a near unanimous positive talk is spreading across the Teluguland. The movie is a breezy romantic entertainer. Vijay Devarakonda played a completely different character from Arjun Reddy with aplomb. Parasuram understood the point, says the viewers and reviewers, that when you take an old story you need fresh characters and situations to create a fun film. Parasuram understood this very well and he connects us with characters nicely. This Govind’s Geetha is pretty and likeable too.

Geetha Govindam is the first film as a solo hero for actor Vijay Devarakonda. The movie now gives a boost to his budding career and proves that he is a versatile actor. He already played a confused youngster without an aim in Pelli Choopulu. The played the alpha male in Arjun Reddy. Now is the innocent and decent youngster who dreams of marrying and settling down in life. A very soft character Govindam is for Veiay Devarakonda. Geetha Govindam is the undisputed blockbuster of the month. 

Vijay Devarakonda receives universal acclaim for his comedy timing. Rashmika Mandanna also receives good words for her performance in the emotional scenes. As the matinee shows are coming to an end, Geetha Govindam is hailed as a pure entertainer which can be watched with the families. The movie is said to be both funny and dramatic. A Parasuram mark entertainer. 

Stay tuned for more live updates and public talk of Geetha Govindham.

Geetha Govindam Preview

What is Geetha Govindam about?

Gitagovindam depicts the relationship between Srikrishna and Gopis, especially the lord's relationship with Radha. It also depicts the eight moods of Radha. It is about the classic romance of Gopis with Srikrishna. 

Now coming to Vijay Devarakonda starrer Geetha Govindam, it is a quintessential romantic comedy. A story of Geetha and Govind which tells the love between and the struggles they faced because of each other. The movie has such a craze that even before the release of the trailer, the movie is leaked online. It caused the makers wh were planning a pre-release event refrained from releasing the trailer. 

The teaser itself is a class act. It starts off as an old-school monochrome montage of the characters Geetha and Govind acting as a married couple and making out by the well at their home. In reality, however, Geetha slaps Govind when he tries to make out with her, she threatens him when he looks at other women. Deverakonda’s character keeps calling her madam just like he did during the promotions of the film on social media. The teaser ends with him saying, “Ledu madam nenu maaripoya. I am completely decent now."

All this drama gives an idea of how Geetha Govindam is going to be. It is the romantic pastimes of two romantic pastimes of two youthful souls. A couple bonded by love. Heartthrob Rashmika Mandanna plays one of the title roles Geetha and she shares the screen space with the most happening young hero, Vijay Devarakonda for the first time. 

What to expect from Geetha Govindam?

Rashmika Mandanna 

Rashmika Mandanna made her Tollywood debut with Chalo. But even before that, a couple of years ago from now, she is dubbed as Karnataka Crush. She mesmerized the Kannadigas before doing the same witThis is going to be something special for the fans of the budding actress. Her role is going to be special and is sure to make her a force to be reckoned with after Geetha Govindam hits the screens. 

Vijay Devarakonda

The King of Rowdies, Vijay Devarakonda, has not come up with a solo entry since his breakout blockbuster Arjun Reddy. He could have come up with an intriguing film but it was postponed many times. So, filling in the void here comes Geetha Govindam. This is going to be another youthful romantic role where he plays a decent role. He is fun to watch from what little we have seen as of now. Geetha Govindam promises a lot.

A film by Geetha Arts

No need to introduce one of the biggest and most prestigious production house, Geetha Arts. Headed by ace producer Allu Aravind, Geetha Arts had given us many great movies. Now, this Parasuram directorial Geetha Govindam is going to be another memorable outing from them. 

Soulful music and colourful cinematography

The audio is already a hit. What with the fan favourite Inkem Inkem Inkem Kavale, and Vijay Devarakonda's maiden outing as a playback singer, Geetha Govindam musical score composed by the brilliant Gopi Sunder has risen expectations about the movie. Manikandan's cinematography is colourful and the visuals are pleasing. All this points to a great viewing experience with Geetha Govindam. 

Watch this space for Geetha Govindam review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.