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U/A Action, Drama, Sport 2 hrs 58 mins Oct 25, 2019





Bigil Review & Rating

Bigil Review: Made To Order, For Fans 

The Premise

Entire Tamil Nadu has caught up with Bigil fever and the fans are the whistleblowers if anything untoward a like a leakage by the infamous leaksters happen. Excuse the pun. There are several traditional festivals celebrated by Tamil people. But there are three more festival seasons are there. The film release days of Rajinikanth, Vijay, and Ajith. Like Salman Khan has owned Eid season, Diwali is double bonanza time for Vijay fans.

Apart from the bang bang Festival of Lights, it’s time for cheering their Thalapathy. Now, Whistle Podu as Bigil rolls out. The hotly anticipated Atlee directorial is significant in many respects. With a sports backdrop and women empowerment theme, Bigil comes hotly on the heels of a similarly out of the box experiment from a fellow superstar. But here the scale is grander and let’s see what’s in offing for us with Bigil review.

Whistle Podu

Captain Michael aka CM is a football player who is termed the Pride of the Nation by a noted coach. When his career was at the peak, he leaves the game which he loved like his soul and turns away from it. Of course, we have a flashback. An unfortunate tragedy. And some gang wars. This is a Thalapathy film da! Our protagonist leads a nearly secluded life and keeps himself out of the spotlight.

After all, his life is surrounded by violence and it is this violence that made him go away from his dream. And it is the same violence that brings him back to the sport he loved the most.  When his friend, the coach of a women’s football team, gets injured Michael has to step in. The team is made up of underprivileged women from various backgrounds. Michael takes it upon himself to make their dreams come true. And there’s a personal score to settle with the villains.

Writing and direction

All of Bigil moves along in a set template. The superstar of a hero. He has a flashback. He comes out to save/motivate someone. Create opportunities and stand behind them. And finally, deliver the goods and also settle personal scores. Right from the first shot to the last, this film caters to the fans of Vijay. It is unfortunate that a star hero of such command over the masses is limiting himself mostly to his fan-base.

The narration of the film follows the same pattern. Glorified fan service. The first half is used to set the second half up. And the second half is where the actual action happens. And there are mandatory hero elevation sequences. Of course, where Atlee scores well is in the emotional scenes. But watched in isolation, they are well written and executed. But in the bigger picture, those scenes appear ‘made to order’. The much talked about women empowerment angle also appears designed than organic.

The screenplay has the same beats we have seen numerous times across multiple films all over the world. Even the game aspects are not novel. Moreover, the football sequences appear right out of the world of Shaolin Soccer than from a soccer field. Granted this is, after all, a film and cinematic liberties are bound to be taken. But the way they are designed, appear fake - to exploit the emotions.

The performances

Vijay is clearly the highlight of the film. Be it his swag or his style quotient all are well maintained. He did well in the emotional scenes and the character of father - though appears a bit forced - is neat. Michael is who brings the loudest whistles. He may not make new fans with this film. But sure to get a stronger hold on his fan base. The less we talk about Nayanthara the better. Unfortunate for the lady superstar. 

Jackie Shroff should have been in a confused state as to whether he is the main antagonist (J. K. Sharma) or a sidekick to Daniel Balaji’s character. The same confusion is apparent in his performance. Senior comedian Vivek is wasted in an insignificantly written role. The girls who played the roles of the soccer team are stereotypes and though they have their own shining moments, none register except for the acid attack victim who obviously gets the loudest cheers with her act.

The crew

A. R. Rahman’s music is lacklustre. The background score is neat and the theme for Vijay and Vijay is terrific. But the songs are mediocre except for Singapenney. The cinematography is the best feature of this entire film. The visuals have chutzpah that is very necessary for films like this. And the lighting and color palettes used are excellent. The production design is good.

Editing is good only in parts. He might have been confused as to what to select as the editing suite - Adobe Premiere or Avid or even FCP. A good 30 minutes could be cut from the runtime to give the film a crisp feel. The production values are obviously grand as it’s an over-spent film as revealed by the producer herself.


Bigil is strictly for fans. Those who plan to visit the theatres for watching a film on women empowerment should better look elsewhere and those who want to enjoy a good sports film better watch others in the same genre. Watch Bigil if you’re a big fan of Thalapathy Vijay or have no other option and feeling lonely on the festival day.


  • Thalapathy Vijay
  • Few emotional moments which genuinely click


  • Execution could have been better

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Bigil User Reviews

  • Ashwin

    27 Oct 19 @ 12:09 AM

    Another best from Vijay Atlee Combo....

    * Verithanam Song - Semma Start

    * Rayappan - Vera level acting by Vijay

    * Emotions - Couple of cute little stories in middle 

    * Singapennae - Good placement and well taken

    * Football matches - Not boring and well taken.  Girls performed really well.

    * Villans could have been more powerful 

    * Overall a perfect family Diwali entertainer 

  • Rohit

    22 Nov 19 @ 7:36 PM

  • D

    21 Nov 19 @ 1:42 AM

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