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U/A Political, Thriller 2 hrs 44 mins Nov 6, 2018





Sarkar Review & Rating


Sarkar Review: A Movie By Murugadoss for Vijay and His Fans

The premise

After so much of talk generated due to various reason... good and bad, A. R. Murugadoss directorial Sarkar is finally here. As is made quite obvious right from the beginning, Sarkar is a political movie, not a movie with political undertones, with a blend of message and masala. Movies in the combination of Thalapathy Vijay and A. R. Murugadoss have shown a gradual progression towards the obvious from the heroic fight against terrorists in Thuppakki to the fight for a social cause to bringing a change in the political system which affects even more people. 

Sarkar is the ultimate Thalapathy movie. It has everything the fans expect from his movies. The movie starts by showing the power mechanisms of ancient times and how the kings act while the titles are rolling. Then comes the entry of Vijay as CEO in the House song plays. Everything as expected. Vijay is established as the corporate monster, Sundar Ramasamy. And we know how he is going to be. But Murugadoss makes everything look fresh with some truly energetic visuals. Vijay nails the body language necessary for such characters. 

How the narration goes

The story then shifts to India when Sundar decides to cast his vote during the upcoming elections as he believes in democracy. But his corporate rivals get frightened as they think he is coming to India in order to decimate them. After a few family introductions like keerthy Suresh is show as the sister of Sundar's sister-in-law, Nila. As expected a few cute scenes between them roll out on the screen. 

But Sarkar being a Murugadoss film, he organically constructs the narration in between masala ingredients. Sundar finds that his vote is already cast and he takes the legal route to halt the counting. Obviously, he comes as an unwanted obstacle for the politicians. Sundar being Sundar, he takes on the system and moves people like him to come out. 

The court finally orders for a re-election and the game starts. Challenged by the corrupt system and the situations he had seen first hand, Sundar decides to take the political system head-on. How he brings the needed change and in what way he fights the established system form the rest of the story. 

Thalapathy one-man show

Vijay is excellent as Sundar Ramasamy. He gives the fans everything they want. Punch dialogues, swagger, dances, and a couple of high-octane action sequences. When the scenes required serious acting, Vijay comes out as good as any of the top heroes. He is an all-rounder and proves the fact once again. Sarkar is a movie made by Murugadoss for Vijay and his fans. And to that point, Sarkar is a master class. 

But Murugadoss being Murugadoss, there are certain narrative quirks. The songs come as speed-breakers and unfortunately, except for a couple of catchy songs, A. R. Rahman failed to deliver memorable songs. The action sequences look over the top. Though the director went with a restrained narration for the most part, he failed to keep tabs on certain aspects like the placement of songs. Coming to the songs, Keerthy Suresh appears in a couple of songs, and come up with a few cute expressions. That's that. She has no further role in the movie. 

The direction

Granted, it is a Vijay star vehicle. But the filmmaker failed to give proper importance to the other aspects of the movie and this is where Sarkar fails as a complete package. Among the other characters, only Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's Komalavalli (a reference to you know who) is properly etched out. Rest of the others come out as caricatures. Even Yogi Babu, who played the man who triggered entire movie plot by casting Sundar's vote, is unimpressive. 

The crew

Despite misgivings about Rahman's songs, the background score is top-notch. The sounds he created for certain scenes are pulsating. The emotions are properly elevated with the music. The cinematography by Girish Gangadharan is first rate. Be it the poshness of the corporate world or the gritty visuals of the second half where the protagonist wanders among the common people, he created a consistent visual language for the movie. 

The editing by Sreekar Prasad is good. Though we may feel that the movie might have been trimmed by a good 15 minutes, it's not the fault of the editor. It's the placement of the songs that come as a hindrance to the flow of the film. The production values by Sun Pictures are grand. They should be commended for coming up with such a hard-hitting political movie which is anti-establishment in nature. Maybe a few scenes will be removed in the coming days. 

The result

Finally, Sarkar may not reach the sky-high expectations of the audience, still, it is not a bad movie. It ticks all the right boxes, Vijay is excellent, the message is necessary and currently relevant. The making is brilliant. But informed audience may feel the lack of completeness in the proceedings. A feast for Thalapathy fans. 

Sarkar Critic Reviews

Sarkar User Reviews

  • Vignesh Sathish

    7 Nov 18 @ 9:30 PM

    awesome movie given by ARM and marvelous acting by Vijay Anna and cute and hot keerthi suresh totally the is wow
  • Joshua

    11 Nov 18 @ 1:02 PM

    Nice movie everyone should watch it in theaters near you 

  • Sundaravathanam

    8 Nov 18 @ 7:18 PM

    Vijay did his job but director lacks in logic and unengaing political drama

Sarkar Live Updates & Public Talk

Thalapathy Vijay's Sarkar is easily the most awaited Tamil movie of the year apart from the magnum opus 2.0 starring Rajinikanth. As planned right from day 1, Sarkar has hit the screens for Diwali season in a huge number of screens worldwide across many countries. The combination of ARM and Vijay has pulled the audience to the theatres at as early as 3 AM which shows their craze. And as the first half comes to an end, this is what the audience is saying about the film.

The first half of the film seems to be more focused on the styling, looks, and body language of Thalapathy, which can make his fans go crazy. A.R. Murugadoss is said to have played it safe by using the mass image of Vijay and etching a fast-paced screenplay. The songs are said to be the only drawbacks of the film so far. Check out the latest Tweet reviews of Sarkar below.

The early morning shows of Sarkar have come to an end and the movie received a decent response from the audience. The critics seem to be not very impressed with the second half, however, the audience has given a big thumbs-up leading to a confusion on the second half's result. The second half of Sarkar is said to be focused on a major social issue like many other A.R. Murugadoss and the one-man show of Vijay is said to be the highlighting point of Sarkar second half.

Stay tuned to more public talk and live updates of Sarkar.

Sarkar Preview

What is Sarkar about?


Simple answer. To go into the details, it's about how the electoral system works in India. On the day of the election, there is no guarantee that you can cast your vote on the ballot paper or nowadays an EVM. Your right to vote would have been exercised by someone the powerful party at the moment had appointed. What can you do? Take it with a wry smile and leave the polling booth? Have a small fight with the officials and then leave after creating a scene? What if you are the corporate monster who decimated the competition in every country that comes in your way?

A. R. Murugadoss directorial Sarkar starring Thalapathy Vijay is about one such person who at one time warns the politicians that they are messing with a corporate criminal. With a star-studded cast and riding on the expectations created by the success of the previous two movies of the actor and the director combination, Sarkar is ready to hit the screens amidst the talks about Vijay's political aspirations.

Sarkar Promises

A currently relevant subject

Exercising the vote is the right and the duty of every eligible citizen in a democratic country. Not everyone votes these days with most of the upper-middle-class is not even interested in who rules the country, and with the rich and the corporate bigwigs know how to override the system, it is the lower-middle-class and the underprivileged who generally vote. Taking all these intricacies into account, Murugadoss cooked up a story of a corporate juggernaut who returns to India to vote as he truly believes in democracy.

We get to see that his vote was already cast by someone and not one to leave things with a shrug and a wry smile like many of us, he fights to stop the elections and keep the politicians literally in their place. This is an interesting basic premise for a top hero. With a man like Vijay in the lead, we can expect all the bells and whistles that come with such masala entertainers.

A. R. Murugadoss style of social responsibility

With films like Ramana, Stalin, and Kaththi, we have seen the mark of A. R. Murugadoss and his style of socially relevant films laced with a commercial coating. With a star of the stature of Vijay at his disposal, he can be expected to take the things to the next level with Sarkar, and expectedly he came up with a story about the mechanisms of Indian democracy. A political thriller in the hands of Murugadoss and Thalapathy as the lead actor! Sparks fly is an understatement

Team Assembled by Sun Pictures

Maestro A. R. Rahman composes the musical score for the movie and we know very well how good he can be in scoring mass music. He has taken every care when it comes to the background score as is evident in the trailers. The songs are slowly gaining traction among the fans. Critically acclaimed Malayalam cinematographer Girish Gangadharan takes the responsibility of the photography of Sarkar. From his track record, it is proved that he knows how to make the camera talk.

An experienced hand like Sreekar Prasad handles the editing of the film and we can be assured of some slick work as the multiple National Award winner is quite adept in using the modern techniques. Sun Pictures make sure Sarkar to be another grand entry in their CV and the film is going to be a top class entertainer with a difference that offers something to everyone. Keerthy Suresh, Yogi Babu, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Radha Ravi round off an excellent cast.

And Vijay

What more can we talk about the young man with starry eyes who rose to become one of the biggest stars of South Indian Cinema? Sarkar is a film made for Vijay by Vijay for his ever-growing fan following. With the teasers and trailers creating all sorts of records, we can safely assume that Thalapathy is ready to smash the box office records.

Watch this space for Sarkar review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!