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Venky Mama Review

U/A Action, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 29 mins Dec 13, 2019





Venky Mama Review & Rating

Venky Mama Review: Venkatesh Is In Top Form In This Passably Good Entertainer

The premise

Venky Mama Venky Mama! Sing this in the same tune as the chartbuster Lakshmi Bava from Venkatesh's vintage mass hit Lakshmi. This gives the euphoria Venkatesh's return to blockbuster form at the box office with F2 early this year. That certainly added more expectations to this non-multi-starrer Venky Mama. Add to that his real-life nephew Naga Chaitanya sharing the screen with him in a full-fledged role means something special for Victory Venkatesh and Akkineni fans.

While F2 (bear with the comparison please) was an out and out entertainer, Venky Mama is a more well-rounded film with masala elements expertly inserted in the right proportions. Is this hype justified? Has Venkatesh really pulled off a miracle second time this year? Let's see with Venky Mama review.

Coincidentally both F2 and Venky Mama have released in the first and the last month of the year respectively. Both stars happening young heroes with Venkatesh. Both films promise loads of entertainment. Get ready!

The story

Karthik is an orphan like the protagonists of almost all of our senti-filled Tollywood films. But fret not. He's looked after by his maternal uncle, Venkataratnam Naidu. Aka... Venky Mama! We all know it, right? Venky Mama is played by Venkatesh. While Venky Mama looks after his nephew very well (so much so that they are more like friends), Karthik's grandfather (Venky's father) has reservations regarding Karthik's presence in the household.

He might have soft feelings towards his grandson, whose mother and father died in an accident when he was a kid, he conceals them for a bigger worry. (As it's a spoiler, we're abstaining from revealing that point here in this review). As Karthik grows up, he falls in love like any good youngster with hormones does. But Karthik is not selfish. He wants his Venky Mama to settle down in his life too. Not that Venky is not settled. In conventional terms, marriage brings stability to one's life. Or so say, older-gen people.

Enter a sexy Hindi teacher in their village. Karthik thinks she's just perfect for Venky Mama. Meanwhile, he finds himself away from his lady love due to differences in opinion. While we're starting to think how Venky and Karthik help each other to get settled, in a sudden twist Karthik vanishes and apparates in the military base as an Army Man. Why he suddenly does so? How Venky reunites with him forms the rest of the story.

Writing, direction, and performances

Venky Mama has a story which is as new as superstar Krishna's Aggipette Unda dialogue. If this film was released in those days, it's have played 500 days. So, you may ask, if this generation of the audience have any value on offer from this film. Yes. Couple of cute and sexy heroines. Colorfully picturized songs. Venkatesh's impeccable comedy timing. Neatly executed comedy set-pieces in the first half. And there is that obvious chemistry between Venkatesh and Naga Chaitanya.

The first half is generally entertaining. But this spaced flashback narration used by director Bobby makes the proceedings a tad tiring at places. But as long as Venkatesh is on the screen, he grabs our eyeballs. That of course when Payal Rajput is not on the screen with him ;-) The screenplay is also good for the most part but the Army episodes appear forced and don't gel organically with the mood of the rest of the film.

The logics are also given a toss. But we shouldn't expect logics in comedy entertainers. But a serious subject matter like Army backdrop shouldn't just be added for extending the film's scope. The second half is more emotional and Venkatesh is excellent and it is where Naga Chaitanya faltered. He's his usual good self in the romantic scenes with Raashi Khanna. Coming to Raashi, she did a fine job. So is Payal.

The crew

The music of the film is average when listening to on the jukebox but when it's watched on the screen with a colorful cast, it's a treat. The vintage style song on Venky and Payal is outright appealing to the mass. And Coca Cola Pepsi song is another foot-tapping number. The background score is excellent by Thaman. The cinematography by Prasad Nutella is first-rate. The rural mass atmosphere is captured very well. And the visuals are bustling with energy.

The editing is not that good though. The second half could do well with a few screws tightened. The art department has done a great job. The locations added to the mood of the narration. The production values by Suresh Productions are top class as expected.


Well! We have reached a point where we have to decide if we have to give our approval to this film with our wallets. Yes. It's an easy one-time watch. As long as Venkatesh is on screens you won't look at your phones.

Screen or Phone? - SCREEN certainly it is!


  • Venkatesh in top form
  • Competent performances from the cast
  • Entertaining first half


  • The second half is inconsistent in tone
  • The military episode isn't handled properly
  • The secondary cast is not given proper importance

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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  • Shamanth

    17 Jan 20 @ 12:48 AM

  • Mallikarjun

    3 Jan 20 @ 11:34 PM

    Nice movie about mama and alludu relationship
  • Ravi Teja

    27 Dec 19 @ 9:51 PM

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