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Vellimoonga Full Movie

U Comedy, Political 2 hrs 8 mins Sep 25, 2014
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Vellimoonga Story

Director: Jibu Jacob

Cast: Biju Menon as Maamachan, Nikki Galrani as Lisa, Aju Varghese as Tony Vakkathanam, Tini Tom as VP Jose, Asif Ali as Charlie, Lena as Mollykutty, KPAC Lalitha as Annakutty

Maamachan who is in his early 40s is yet to be married as he had to take the responsibility of the family at a very young age after his politician father passed away. He turned to politics as he understood 'Khadhar' is powerful enough to get things done. Unlike his father who was a man of principle and compassion, Maamachan is shrewd and ambitious. Instead of joining the prominent political parties, he chooses to become a lesser known national party and makes it to the state committee easily.

Later his political party makes an alliance with a major political party in Kerala and thus Maamachan gets to be the candidate in the election. After he is made the candidate, Maamachan looks disinterested in elections. Meanwhile, he is in love with a girl of half his age who is, in fact, the daughter of Mamachan's high school sweetheart and is busy wooing her. Maamachan, using his dashing shrewdness manages to win both the election and the girl. 

Vellimoonga became a surprise winner at the box office. The film which had glitz and glam to boast about, went on to impress the critics and tickle the funny bones of the audience. 

Vellimoonga Story

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