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Vellaikaara Durai

Action, Comedy 2 hrs 17 mins Dec 25, 2014
Vellaikaara Durai

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Director Ezhil’s ‘Vellaikaara Durai’ is a romantic comedy set against a rural backdrop which depicts how people are entrapped by loan lenders. The story revolves around Police Pandi (Soori) and his friend Murugan (Vikram Prabhu) who plan to start a real estate business by investing in a property worth Rs. 15 lakhs. They generate the amount by asking for a loan by one of the loan lenders in their village named Vatti Varadhan (John Vijay). Unfortunately, the land property that they purchase turns out to be the local burial ground as no one is interested to purchase it. On knowing this Vardhan declares both as defaulters and kidnaps them to keep them as slaves at his estate to carry out menial jobs. How Pandi and Murugan repay the debt and get out of Vardhan’s clutches forms the remaining part of the story.

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