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Vai Raja Vai Full Movie

Romance, Thriller May 1, 2015
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Vai Raja Vai Story

Director: Aishwarya R Dhanush

Cast: Gautham Karthik as Karthik, Priya Anand as Priya, Tapsee as Shreya, Vivek as Pandian, Danial Balaji as Rangarajan, Sathish as Sathish.

Karthik is born with a very supernatural power and in school days he realises that his power of extrasensory perception can help him do wonders. He scores high marks in the exam using his power and his father learns about this. His father instructs him not to use the power and asks him to forget its existence or else it will bring harm. Vasanth obeys his father learns and manage to get marks and get through an IT company. At the office, he meets Pandian and become friends. Pandian comes to know about Karthik's special powers and asks him to try cricket gambling. Karthik first refuses but later agrees as Pandian forces him to do so. Pandian introduces Karthik to Rande who is in charge of the cricket Gambling. 

Karthik tries his power in the gambling and wins 1 crore. With the money, he acquired he uses 10 lakhs for his sister's marriage and makes a plan with his friends to go to Goa for a trip. Karthik, Sathish and Panda go to Goa and there he gets a call from Rande and he threatens Karthik to play roulette at the Casino Royale Ship. Karthik gets to know that his love Priya is kidnapped and agrees to play for Rande. Shreya comes in the help of Karthik and trains him how to play the game. 

Karthik plays the game and cheats Rande by asking him to take his place. Rande gets arrested and Karthik along with his friends comes back to Chennai with the money won at the gambling. Shreya takes Rande out of Jail and Rande finds out Karthik. Karthik overcomes Rande using his Power. 

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