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Uyare Review & Rating


Uyare Review: This Parvathy Starrer is a Winning Tribute To Human Spirit 

The premise 

What sort of a man he is who collapses the dream of his beloved? We may not know the evil underneath him. But we know one thing. Pallavi Ravindran is not one to be bogged by any sort of tragedy, both mental and physical, and rises like a phoenix does. Only here not from death. But from the loss of love. Or rather a more than little-too-much of it.

Anything more than needed or desired is poisonous. A hard lesson that may or may not be learned by Pallavi’s boyfriend. Uyare written by Bobby and Sanjay is one movie which is emotionally draining on one hand and uplifting on the other and ultimately the latter wins hands down. Let’s see how Parvathy fared in her comeback film with Uyare review. 

The story 

Pallavi Ravindran is a girl in love. Both with the man named Govind and her passion that of flying. She has a love hate relationship with her father. Govind is a tad possessive about her. Pallavi is not one to be bound by weaknesses of any sort. When she registers with pilot training, it irks Govind. When a big tragedy hits Pallavi, and she is confined in loneliness, her father asks her why didn’t you tell me anything, she replies that she used to hate him.

But the shock of her life comes when she fulfills her dream. When she achieves the greatest triumph of her life. When she becomes a licensed pilot. If cruelty is a person, it’d look like Govind on that day. Insecurities? Too much of possessiveness? Sheer hatred? Jealousy? Whatever the negative emotion he is overcome with he has no right to do this. Or like Pallavi at a later stage says, if an enemy does that unthinkable, it is understandable. But Govind was not an enemy.

On the day Pallavi gets her license as a commercial pilot, Govind throws acid on her face. But it’s not just an acid attack, it is an attack on the human spirit and on the trust that comes from love. How Pallavi overcomes this and proves herself to be beyond all these mundane emotions and tragedies for the rest of the story. Uyare is not just a film about an acid attack survivor. It is much more than that. 

The performances

That Parvathy did an amazing job as Pallavi is undermining the actress’s achievement with this film. She went one step ahead of her previous performances when portraying Pallavi in Uyare. It is a tribute to the actress’s efforts in her real life fight against so many things, it seems, that Bobby and Sanjay have written this film. The same duo who have given her breakout role in Notebook way back in 2006 when she was a teenager. Now she’s not a teenager anymore. Nor is she a young woman in her twenties.

Parvathy used all her intense and emotional energy to bring Pallavi to life. Her smiles when meeting Govind in the initial portions of the film or when introducing herself to others before the love-threatening incident is filled with a sort of nervousness. Post that we see her as a determined woman who is all out to make a statement, a statement of the triumph of human will. That is not bound by the inhumanly acts. An award-winning performance. And more power to this girl.

Tovino Thomas as the man who is controlled by his father, he does what his father says all the time, is terrific. His understated anger is an asset in portraying the role of Vishal. Asif Ali! We’d love to hate this man in Uyare. Even as Pallavi flies high in achieving her dream and reconstructing her life, our hatred for this not-an-enemy escalates to a point of no return.

But guided by Pallavi’s sure-headedness, we concentrate more on her and ultimately the love for life triumphs. Senior actor Siddique is superb as Pallavi’s father. There’s a warmth in the evolution of their relationship and his conveying his feelings towards his daughter and his help during the most opportune time comes out in eye-wetting category. Rest of the actors did well. Anarkali Marikar of Aanandam fame stands out in a precious few scenes. 

Writing and direction

The writing by Bobby-Sanjay duo is the backbone of this film. Like they do with all their scripts, in Uyare too, they conveyed emotions not through dialogues but by letting the emotions get injected into the subconscious of the audience. Through the visuals. Through the way they let the actors taking the narration into their own hands. The screenplay couldn’t get better.

The direction by Manu Ashokan is first-rate. For a debutant to come up with such a technically brilliant film is commendable. He’s one of the few newcomers to watch out for in the immediate future. It’s true that he’s backed by a terrific script by Bobby and Sanjay. But it’s equally true that he rose to the challenge of converting it into silver screen poetry with elan. 

The crew

The music of the film by Gopi Sundar is uplifting like the title of the film suggests. The songs are good and grow on you while watching the visuals. The lyrics by Rafeeq Ahmmed have a strong sense of purpose. And the background score has an inherent optimism even in the tragic scenes in the middle portion of the film. It hinted at the ultimate conquering of Pallavi’s dream.

The cinematography by Mukesh Muraleedharan is crisp. The framing and lighting complemented the mood of the film than dominating it with glossiness. The editing needs special mention. Mahesh Narayanan whose last directorial Take Off is hailed as one of the best films of the times did an exemplary job. His work on Uyare has a sort of authenticity only we find in the best of the best personal works. He succeeded in realising the vision of the director with some of the deft cuts.

The art department did a fine job. The production values by the trio of Shenuga, Shegna, and Sherga left no stone unturned when producing this film. This is the first time three women produced a film in Mollywood. A job well done by the daughters of P. V. Gangadharan of Grihalakshmi Productions. The trio’s SCube Cinema has made a well and truly triumphant entry into filmmaking. 


Uyare May follow a set and stable pattern of surviving and triumphing stories but the performances of the lead actors and the intensity brought to the fore by Parvathy takes the film to the next level. The script that is more visual than verbal and technically sound direction makes Uyare a valuable entry into the best films by a debutant director. Don’t miss Uyare at any cost. It’ll help you when you’re in need of inspiration. 

• Parvathy’s intense performance 
• Strong support act by Asif Ali, Siddique, and Tovino Thomas
• Great writing 
• Brilliant direction
• Terrific work by the crew
• Top-notch making

• None

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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Audience's Reaction To Uyare

Uyare, the film which upholds the undying spirit of an acid attack survivor, Pallavi, hit theaters and is a clear winner.  The film from debutant Manu Ashokan struck perfectly with the audience. Parvathy shone as Pallavi, everyone loved to hate Govind, brilliantly done by Asif and Tovino was charming as Vishal.

Some have termed it as the performance that will fetch an award for Parvathy. She was that perfect as Pallavi.

The film was brilliant in all aspects-direction and script being the highlight.

Uyare is a sure shot winner among the audience. Considering the response from film lovers, we appeal to film makers to make more of good movies like this one.

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Uyare Preview

What is Uyare About?

Uyare is not just a film. It’s a statement. A statement of intent and of triumph of spirit from a woman whose ambition is to become a professional pilot. Who is better than Parvathy to headline a film like that. The dynamic and firebrand actress makes a sort of return to Cinema after a little gap with the film, Uyare. The debut directorial of Manu Ashokan is shaping up to be a terrific film to watch this weekend. 
Pallavi is a self sufficient young lady with an ambition to become a successful pilot. The hardships she faced in the journey towards achieving her aim. Also we get to see a few intriguing shots about how she handles the crisis situation of an emergency landing of a flight she’s co-piloting. There’s another detail from the trailer which grabbed our attention. Parvathy’s Pallavi covers a side of her face which points to a tragic moment like an acid attack. 

Uyare Promises 

An uplifting film about making dreams come true 

Uyare means uplifting feel or flying high (literally and figuratively). It is the story of Pallavi and her ambition of flying high as a commercial/professional pilot. She faces discrimination as a woman and she is even asked to be removed from the cockpit by one of the higher officials. 
But despite the hardships, she reaches the heights she’s destined for in one way or the other. The basic story about a woman pilot itself is enticing enough to consider this film for the weekend. And Parvathy’s presence lends even more credibility for the film’s quality.

Parvathy as Pallavi Ravindran 

Parvathy has an electrifying aura around her and the roles she play are special most of the times. The highly talented actress brings an unfathomable depth and intensity to the roles she play. It appears from the promo materials that she might have delivered her best performance yet in Uyare. A strong character needs an equally strong actor to make it shine and Parvathy is the right choice for the role of Pallavi Ravindran in Uyare. 

Manu Ashokan and team 

Debutant Manu Ashokan has come up with a different film than what is normal. Like his fellow debutant, Prasobh Vijayan who delivered a film about a woman’s determination in the form of Lilli, here Manu Ashokan too chooses to narrate the tale of the triumph of the spirit of a young lady but in an uplifting manner.

The script is written by the National award winning duo of Bobby and Sanjay. Interestingly, it is the same writing duo who gave Parvathy her breakout role in the 2006 teen film Notebook. Their writing will form the backbone of Uyare and rises expectations. Asif Ali and Tovino Thomas co-stars in the film.

Gopi Sundar composes the songs and the score while Rafeeq Ahammed’s lyrics are promising. Mukesh Muraleedharan cinematography has all the tropes of the genre. 

Keep watching for Uyare review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.