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U-Turn Review

U/A Mystery, Thriller 2 hrs 8 mins Sep 13, 2018





U-Turn Review & Rating


U-Turn Review: A Thriller Made With Sincerity

The premise

For the original Kannada U-Turn, the story is the hero and the narration is the backbone. The movie was a big hit and elevated the director Pawan Kumar to another level. He became even more popular with among the South Indian audience who already took note of him with his previous film Lucia. Now, he's directing a star of Samantha's stature and got a cast like Rahul Ravindran and Aadhi Pinisetty for the Tamil-Telugu remake of the film. 

As for Samantha, she has been on a roll since the success of Raju Gari Gadhi 2 last year. In 2018, she achieved unprecedented heights with the success and high critical acclaim for her roles in films like Rangasthalam an all-time blockbuster in Telugu), Nadigaiyar Thilagam (Mahanati), and Irumbu Thirai (Abhimanyudu in Telugu where the movie became a similar success). That she chose to act in a small scale thriller like U-Turn is a sign of her interest in exploring various genres and it is also the testament for the buzz the director created among the film fraternity too. 


U-Turn revolves around the accident that happens at a U-Turn around a flyover in the city. The story follows the life of rebellious Rachana, who is an intern reporter, aspiring to crack that one killer story. For this, she begins following a story about traffic offenders atop the Double Road flyover. Just when she thinks her story, as well as her cutesy office romance, is on track and life seems to be sorted, she ends up in a messy situation, courtesy the story she is following for the paper. Revealing anything extra would be unfair to this well-knit screenplay and story that Pawan has woven (even though some of the audience might have watched the Kannada original). 

Samantha master class

Samantha did a fine job as an aspiring journalist. Despite the fact that she has for most of the times played soft characters albeit sometimes with a strong will. U-Turn is certainly a different role for her. It is soft at the core right. The love story is cute right. But her character is strong-willed and the looks she sported for the film is off the regular one for the actor. As for her performance in the intense scenes during the pre-climax and climax, we can simply say that she simply nailed it. This is a sort of role that satiates her thirst for making her acting prowess speak. 

Coming to the other actors, Aadhi Pinisetty as the police officer who searches or the truth despite hurdles is good. His body language and sometimes empathetic expressions suited the role well. Rahul Ravindran scores good marks as an investigative journalist and Rachana's love interest. The climax of the film revolves around him and he handled the role quite well. 

The direction

Director Pawan Kumar did a fine job but all we can say that this version is a faithful remaking of the original. Nothing less. Nothing more. Though he said in the interviews he took special care during the final portion of the film, it can be said that this U-Turn didn't improve the original in any way. But the good news is the film is in no way inferior. With more of a star cast, Pawan Kumar could have been overwhelmed but the director holds the film together well. U-Turn is an excellent watch. 

The crew

The music by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi is very good. The background score is composed quite well. The created intrigue with the sounds and complemented the visuals. The cinematography by Niketh Bommireddy is pretty good. The way he used the lights and shadows, especially in the scenes where Samantha fears to stay at her home, is pure gold. The editing is decent. The first half appears a bit slow and should have been taken care of. The production values are rich. 


All in all, U-Turn is a one time watch for the audience and a feast for those who like proper thrillers. Though the first half starts slow, the film picks up pace towards the interval. Backed by superb performances and a director like Pawan Kumar, U-Turn remains a memorable film for many reasons. You can give it a try this weekend. 

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U-Turn Live Updates & Public Talk

Samantha's U-Turn hits the screens today with early and morning shows underway. The movie is the official remake and is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu. The movie is directed by Lucia fame Pawan Kumar who also directed the Kannada original. The movie is a suspense thriller with a bit of horror element. The movie concerns the U-Turn at a flyover. Samantha plays the role of a journalist, Rachana, and Rahul Ravindra is her colleague. The talk for the movie is: the first half is average and the narration is slow. The movie is narrated in a unique way though. 

U-Turn, in any way, a unique film in Telugu. This is the general consensus among the audience. The movie is said to be a genuine attempt and the climax is out of the box. Everyone's talking about the climax. Samantha's performance expectedly gets rave reviews. She did an outstanding job. 

Watch this space for more U-Turn public talk, and live updates. 

U-Turn Preview

What is U-Turn about?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu has become Samantha Akkineni, and her career reached its zenith. After the middling success of Raju Gari Gadhi 2, Samantha's success graph kept growing with every film. While in the all-time blockbuster Rangasthalam she portrayed the role of a village belle, her supporting role as the journalist Madhuravani in Mahanati/Nagigaiyar Thilagam scored well with the critics and the audience. After both period dramas, she played the female lead in a regular hero-centric film, Abhimanyudu/Irumbu Thirai. Now, she comes up with a female-centric film in which she plays the role of an intern journalist. 

The story of U-Turn revolves around an intern journalist in Times of India who is working on a case detailing the accidents occurring at a certain flyover and concerns the titular U-Turn. The mystery grows thicker each passing day and comes to a culmination when the girl herself is found arrested by the police as a suspect. Comes to her aid is a police inspector and how she solves the mystery and the police nab the killer form the crux of the story. Lucia fame Pawan Kumar who directed the Kannada original U-Turn helms this Tamil-Telugu bilingual. 

What to expect from U-Turn

A different act from Samantha

Samantha has been acting in films which have offered her substantial roles these days. Every role she portrayed for the last couple of years is entirely different from each other. Sam changed her looks, and general getup for U-Turn to look the part of a novice journo. From what is evidenced by the trailer of this film, U-Turn will see Samantha in a memorable role. She adds star power for what was a content-based small budget film. 

Lucia director

When Lucia, the first ever crowdfunding film in Kannada, the industry was shaken out of its slumber. The movie not only achieved critical and commercial success, it was recognized as a cult classic. The follow-up to that film became s successful that the director himself got the chance to direct the Tamil-Telugu remake with a star of the stature of  Samantha. Pawan Kumar's unique perspective on how to narrate a story adds a different dimension to the viewing experience. 

Experienced support cast

Aachi Pinisetty, Samantha's co-star in Rangasthalam reprises the role played by Roger Narayan, the inspector who is investigating the case. Aadhi is a proven actor and when the scenes are intense, his potential knows no bounds. In addition to the Mirugam star, recently director turned actor (again) Rahul Ravindran plays the role of Samantha's crush. He is an investigative journalist of whose support Samantha requiresin solving the mysterious and challenging of the case she has taken up. 

Terrific technical values

Pawan Kumar's direction and his making are said to be world class. A lot of hope has been ridden on U-Turn, with him having the star cast at his disposal. The music and cinematography Poornachandra Tejaswi and Niketh Bommireddy have already caught up and the karma theme trended on the social media. Though it won't appear on-screenKarma theme is an asset to the movie in pulling the audience to the theatres. With such a star cast, the production values could easily turn out to be dependable. 

Watch this space for U-Turn review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back.