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U/A Mystery, Thriller 2 hrs 8 mins Sep 13, 2018
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U-Turn Story

Director: Pawan Kumar

Cast: Samantha Akkineni as Rachana, Aadhi Pinisetty as sub-Inspector Nayak, Rahul Ravindran as Aditya, Bhumika Chawla as Maya, Ravi Prakash as Prabha, and Narain as Ritesh.

The story of the film U-Turn concerns with the eponymous U-Turn and the accidents that happen because of a traffic violation. Rachana is an intern journalist in Times of India. She has been on a project: that of investigating the incidents happening surrounding a flyover. She often takes the help of a crime reporter in the same office named Aditya in her investigation. Rachana also develops a crush on him. 

Rachana finds that each day some motorists move the concrete blocks that partition the road around that flyover to take a quick U-turn in order to avoid the traffic. Bu,t like all the self-respected citizens do they don't move them back. As the blocks are left to lie randomly on the road, things lead to many accidents. 

A homeless man who sits on the flyover notes down the vehicle numbers of commuters who violate the rule to take the U-turn. Rachana gets the list from him. She obtains the details of the culprits using her contact in the traffic department, with the intention of confronting them for their short-cut. This is also part of her research for the article she is writing for the newspaper.  

Rachana's attempt to meet the first person on the list doesn't get materialized. And suddenly, on the same day, she gets arrested by the police on the suspicion for the murder of the first person on her list. Rachana's story finds no audience. How Rachana comes out of this? How and why the man she planned to confront died? What is the mystery behind all the events related to the U-Turn form the rest of the story. 

The Tamil-Telugu bilingual U-Turn received generally positive reviews from the critics but failed to recuperate the distributors' investments and was declared a box office failure in Telugu. The Tamil version fared a bit better and is termed as an average performer at the box office. Samantha's performance was praised as was her makeover. 

Aadhi Pinisetty, Rahul Ravindran, and Bhumika's work for the film was also received positively. Director Pawan Kumar's idea and the innovative narration were hailed by the critics and the audience alike but there were few comments that say the second half and the climax should have been handled a bit differently and with care. 

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