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Uriyadi 2 Review

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Uriyadi 2 Review & Rating


Uriyadi 2 Review: Bigger In Scale But Not Necessarily Better Than The First

The premise

Just to refresh your memory - just remember Thoottukudi protests. Okay! Now we move ahead to Uriyadi 2. Lenin Vijay er Vijay Kumar comes up with a spiritual follow up to his widely acclaimed independent film, Uriyadi, and this time on a bigger scale with a grander canvas. And the backing he received too makes this film reach even more audience. Suriya produced it on 2D Entertainment. Without further ado let's dive into Uriyadi 2 review to know what's in store from this Putiya Lenin. 

Lenin Vijay and his world

Lenin Vijay is your average youngster who wants to live a life of comfort, roam around with friends, earn on his own, and also... as the protagonist of Uriyadi 2, he likes to help people around him. He and his friends land in a job in the nearby chemical factory (read the first sentence of the review) and think they settled for time being.

But as in all films of this theme, all is not well. In the meantime, we get acquainted with the lives of our friends their interests, their fun, and their love lives. Yes. Vijay Kumar who keeps things detailed in his films gives a romantic track to the protagonist with the heroine (Vismaya is good in the role and has a meaty role - ouch! Spoiler). But he didn't go overboard with any of these introductions. There's a lot of story left to be told. 

One day, our friends find a leak which has potential to cause harm to the people in the vicinity. They try to bring the issues to the management and the local leaders for help. But as the politicians are in desperate need of funds and join hands with the man behind the factory as it happens in similar movies. A further incident which leads to the death of Lenin Vijay's friend, he jumps into action. But would the man with political clout keep mum when one of his workers rebels against him and his business? 

The movie slowly turns into a chaotic mess once another disaster occurs which lead to the entire village getting affected. How and if Lenin Vijay who in his home has the photo frames of Che Guevara, Lenin, and Stalin (no DMK connection please) brings justice to the poor people who are the victims of a gruesome political game form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Vijay Kumar is damn serious about the issue at hand. And boy, he wrote a stunning screenplay! While the original Uriyadi was a story told on a personal level, now he used the grander canvas to tell the story about society at large. The tragedy is not just his. An entire community's. 

While his first film was emotionally charged, he went the shock-value route this time by showing people vomiting painfully, and blood coming out of their eyes and noses. Necessary? Yes. In a way to show the severity of the problem. But that doesn't look as organic as it was in the first film. 

The direction is effective without being spectacular. But Vijay Kumar gets self-indulgent in the latter portions of the film both as a creator and the actor. The lead up to the climax and the climax don't gell with the rest of the film. But the dialogues are sharp and have scorching anger behind them. 

The crew

The music by Govind Vasantha is out of the ordinary. he did a phenomenal job with the background score. He unleashed all his creative juices to elevate even the ordinary scenes to the next level. The cinematography by N. Praveen Kumar is decent. The editing is good and so is the production design. The locations and settings are authentic. Suriya spared no expense to make the film come out good. 

The performances

As for performances, it is Sudhakar who stands out. Foregoing his comic image, he owned the serious role and delivered a stellar performance. Vijay Kumar as Lenin Vijay Kumar is intense. Vismaya is quite good in the role which is author-backed. Rest of the actors including those who played background characters are good. 


Uriyadi 2 has everything in magnified proportions compared to the first film without surpassing in the surprise element of that film. It has all the trademark elements of Uriyadi but fails to connect in the same way. Yet still, you can watch it for its powerful storytelling and for Vijay Kumar's responsible filmmaking. 


  • Socially relevant film
  • Intense storytelling
  • Good performances
  • Great music


  • Vijay Kumar gets self-indulgent in certain portions

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Uriyadi 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Uriyadi 2 which is the hotly anticipated follow up to the cult classic Uriyadi directed by Vijay Kumar. The movie which talks about caste-based politics in a way never before talked about in Tamil Cinema. With star hero Suriya producing the movie, the hype levels reached the next level and as the previews and early shows coming to an end, the talk for the movie is very positive. It seems Vijay Kumar has once again delivered. Early watchers call Uriyadi 2 a responsible film from the director. The high-quality stuff in the first half makes this an engaging watch. 

Vijay Kumar's intense narration and emotionally charged performance make Uriyadi 2 every inch as important a film as Uriyadi was. In recent times, no other film has bravely captured the pain and struggle of those affected by the ugly factory episode so well. Vijay has successfully written a fictional story based on real-life incidents, the poking dialogues are the highlights! The movie is raw and original. 

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Uriyadi 2 Preview

What is Uriyadi 2 About?

A follow up to one of the most celebrated political thrillers in Tamil Cinema, Uriyadi 2 comes out on an even bigger and ambitious scale. Filmmaker-actor Vijay Kumar has become an instant celebrity among the movie buffs across Tamil Nadu once Uriyadi hit the screens in 2016.

One of the top actors of South Indian Cinema, Suriya has come forward to produce Uriyadi 2 is the testament to the fact that there is an unprecedented level of anticipation about Uriyadi 2. 

Whenever social equality is lost, chaos reigns and humanity becomes questionable. Let us involve in politics and fight for our rights. Says the protagonist of the film, Lenin Vijay, in the teaser to the gathered crowd or people at large.

As the filmmaker revealed earlier, Uriyadi 2 doesn't begin where the first film ended, rather works as a spiritual sequel which talks about how the politicians use caste as their trump card in politics and how people led by Lenin Vijay tried to thwart their plans. 

Uriyadi 2 Promises

A highly intense political thriller 

Uriyadi 2 is shaping up to be one of the biggest films of this summer what with the craze and following for the first film and the respect Vijay Kumar commands among the Tamil audience. Uriyadi 2 teaser gives a hint at what to expect.

A leader's fight against caste-based politics and his efforts to educate people against corrupt politicians. It is also a statement against the caste-based violence in interior Tamil Nadu. Uriyadi is a statement of intent from a highly talented filmmaker about his vision for people. 

Vijay Kumar and co. 

Vijay Kumar proved himself to be a stunner of an actor with a lot of maturity for a debutant in Uriyadi. By the time Uriyadi comes out, he is sure to make improvements in all areas and from what little we have seen in the promos, he has raised the bar. His direction is always driven by passion. And the narration has a force that is rarely seen in Indian Cinema. As for the cast, Malayalam actress Vismaya plays one of the prominent support roles while Sudhakar, Shankar Thas, and Abbas play other important roles. 

Uriyadi 2 - A film backed by Suriya

Star hero Suriya has proved himself to be a producer with great taste with films like Pasanga 2, Kadaikutty Singam, 24, etc. All movies belong to different genres and this shows that all that matters to Suriya is a great story to tell rather than encash the craze for a film. Govind Vasantha of '96 fame composes the musical score for this film. Praveen Kumar M.'s cinematography packs a punch with its atmosphere. 

Keep watching for Uriyadi 2 review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!