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Uronchondi Review

U Road Movie Aug 3, 2018





Uronchondi Review & Rating

Uronchondi, the directorial debut of Abhishek Saha is a film revolving around three women, who have left their home and embarked on a journey towards an unknown destination. A Truck driver Chotu (Amartya Ray) is their only male companion. The story started with Bindi (Sudipta) running away from his abusive husband. On the way, they meet Minu (Rajnandini), who is running away on her wedding day. Finally, Sabitri (Chitra Sen) completes the team. She left his sons, who beat her and become a part of their journey. The road movie is about three women, who at some point in their lives had been tortured by their husband, father, or sons, have now freed themselves from their family and found solace on the road.

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Abhishek Saha's debut film Uronchondi narrates the story of three women trying to find freedo...

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Abhishek has it the bull's eye in his first film. The movie will install the wish of forgetting everything and being free in the hearts of the audience. In acting, Sudipta Chakraborty's performance as Bindi will be considered as a treasure. Sudipta has completely let go of all the inhibitions in a dance scene which can be seen multiple times. Debutant Amartya is a gem of future. The young actor was completely natural as truck driver Chotu. Chitra Sen is as usual brilliant. Rajnandini is good, however, she needs to improve in her upcoming films

Rating 3.5 from  indianexpress

Uronchondi narrates the tales of four people who have left their home in search of unknown destin...

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The film is not a perfect one. There are minor mistakes. Still, it worth more than one watch. The camera has caught the beauty of Purulia impeccably. Debojyoti Mishra's music demands a special mention.  

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Uronchondi Preview

What is Uronchondi movie all about?

Uronchondi directed by Abhishek Saha is a road movie that mainly deals with three women, who have left their home and now fleeing from their families boarding on a truck. Three women, played by a veteran Chitra Sen, Sudipta Chakraborty and debutant Rajnandini Paul, embark on a journey towards an unknown destiny. A truck driver named Chottu became a part of their journey.

What to expect from the movie?

Unique storyline

Road movies are not common in Bengali cinema. The adventure of the film involves a journey of three women of three different age group can be an exciting watch. The trailer has confirmed, Uronchondi is an unusual movie with a not-so-common storyline. 

Gorgeous locations

The entire film has been shot in outdoor. Instead of exotic locations, Uronchondi team relied on the natural beauty of our state. The camera of the film has captured the stunning beauty of Purulia and other districts of Bengal. 

Fresh faces and talented actors

The film will witness the launch of two fresh faces - Rajnandini Paul and Amartya Ray. On the other, it will see two seasoned actresses Chitra Sen and Sudipta Chakraborty sharing screen. It is going to be an interesting watch. The fresh ideas of the debutant director Abhishek Saha can add a new dimension to the film.


The music of the film has a rustic feel which sounds beautiful all the time. Debojyoti Mishra has scored great music for the movie. The songs can attract more audience to the theatre.

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