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Uma Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 29 mins Jun 1, 2018





Uma Review & Rating

Uma directed by Srijit Mukherjee gets its inspiration from a real incident which is incredible enough. Evan Leversage, a seven-year-old was diagnosed with a fatal disease. The doctor declared Evan won't live until December but the young boy wanted to celebrate Christmas. People of his town arranged Christmas before Christmas. The story moved Srijit and the filmmaker made Uma based on it.

Uma, who has always lived abroad has been fascinated with the idea of Durgotsav. She has a rare disease for which she won't live long. When his father was told that she won't make it till October, Himadri, Uma's father arrange the entire festival around Kolkata before its time. Fo which he gets help from a failed filmmaker and some friends.

Rating 3.75 from  cinestaan

The director taken the basic story and successfully layered it with Brahmananda’s journey a...

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Uma is an emotional film. Srijit has taken the inspiration and added a new dimension effortlessly by incorporating Kolkata's cultural flavor in it. He has weaved the mythological story of Goddess Durga and "Akal Bodhon' in the movie which became relevant to the context. Yet, the film became melodramatic in places. The interventions of negative force and how it ended was quite predictable. Also, the debate between director Bramhananda (Anjan Dutt) and Maheetosh Sur (Anirban Bhattacharya) seems unnecessary in this otherwise a beautiful journey.

Rating 3 from  indiatimes

where emotions are concerned, the film has a story that is a winning combination of a dying child...

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Uma is also the journey of Bramhananda, a failed filmmaker, who has finally found his motivation to create an ultimate masterpiece. Anjan Dutt is terrific in his portrayal of the role churning each and every emotion of a broken person with perfection. the scene of Bramhanada interacting with a dying film director ill stay with you. Sara Sengupta is natural throughout the movie. No wonder that she was the perfect Uma for Srijit. Jisshu, Sara's reel and real father breathed into the character of a desperate, determined, and dotting father. Srabanti, Sayantika and all the other actors did justce to ther roles. 

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Uma Preview

What is Uma movie all about?

Director Srijit Mukherjee's much-awaited Uma is a humane tale of making impossible possible for a loved one. Based on a true incident that took place in a small town of Canada, the movie revolves around Uma a young girl, who is suffering from terminal disease. She wants to visit Kolkata during Durga puja to witness the festival of five days. On the other, his father plans to create Durga Puja before its scheduled date so that Uma's wish is fulfilled before her death. How he and his friends overcome all the troubles and organize the celebration way before its time is Uma all about.

What to expect from Uma?

A tearjerking experience

Directed by Srijit, Uma narrates a story based on a real incident. In reality, the people of a small town in Canada celebrated Christmas before its time to fulfill the wish of a dying child. The film is about celebrating Durga Puja before its original time to fulfill a young girl's last wish. The emotional and humane storyline is sure to make people drop tears in the theatre.

Great delivery by the ensemble cast 

Uma involves an ensemble cast that includes some brilliant actors like Jisshu Sengupta, Anjan Dutta, Sujan Mukhopadhyay, Anirban Bhattacharya, Rudranil and Gargee. Srijit has surprised us by roping into Sayantika and Srabanti, two actresses, known for commercial cinema in this film. This could be his masterstroke, But, the biggest attraction of the film will be Sara Sengupta who is debuting as the lead in this film.


The winning team of Srijit Mukherjee and Anupam Roy has delivered yet another superhit album. Rupankar's addition as the singer of the title track has made the team complete. Sidhu and Pota have come together for singing a song for Uma. In short, this album is going to grab the attention of many music lovers. The title track is already a hit.

The director himself 

The star director Srijit Mukherjee is expected to deliver a wonderful cinema which can make people cry and smile with its characters. Srijit's fans are already waiting for the much talked about the venture. Its selection for various film festivals is definitely going to increase expectation from the film. 

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