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Ulkuthu Review

U Action, Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 7 mins Dec 29, 2017





Ulkuthu Review & Rating


Ulkuthu which has Dinesh Ravi and Nanditha Swetha in the lead roles is directed by Caarthick Raju who made a striking directorial debut with Thirudan Police. Dinesh Ravi played the lead role in that movie as well and this is the second time he is acting in a Caarthick Raju film. The principal shooting of this film began way back in mid-2015 and by December 2015, the team wrapped up the shooting of the film. For reasons best known to the producers, the film was postponed multiple times before hitting the screens today. After so much delay and with the current mindsets of the audience, will this movie still impress the audience? Let's find out in Ulkuthu movie review below.

Ulkuthu is set in a small coastal village in Tamilnadu. It is ruled by the local goons Kaka Mani (played by Sharath Lohitashwa) and his brother Saravanan (played by Dhilip Subbarayan). They both play loan sharks who don't hesitate to kill the debtors if they don't repay the money on time. Dinesh, on the other hand, avenges the death of his sister and how he does it forms the rest of the story.

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Dinesh Ravi who impressed us with his performances in films like Thirudan Police, Kabali gives a commendable performance once again. Though he is not a great performer, he does justice to the role completely and emotes well as the revenge-seeking brother. Nanditha Swetha's role is not so well written but she performs well. Sharath Lohitashwa as the cold-blooded baddie is impressive. But one actor who walks away with grace marks is Dhilip Subbarayan who plays Saravanan in the film. As a hit headed goon who doesn't hesitate much to take away a life for small reasons, he performs well. The way he carried the actions sequences is one of the major highlights of the film and he surely deserves more chances as an actor. Bala Saravanan, John Vijay, Chaya Singh and others were okay in their roles.

Cinematography by PK Varma is good as he captures the rustic visuals of coastal areas of Tamilnadu superbly. The way he shot the Kabaddi action sequence is too good. Editing by KL Praveen is okayish and he should've chopped off few romantic scenes to make the film better. Justin Prabhakaran's tunes were good and his background score during the action sequences is superb. One of the major assets of the film is the action choreography by Dhilip Subbarayan without which the film would've been an average affair. His action sequences which are shot realistically are a treat to watch. Caarthick chooses a beaten to death storyline which has revenge as the main motive but the way he presents it is good. He made sure that the graph of the film never falls by adding few twists in the first half. But the second half becomes way too predictable with the same old revenge formula. Though the action sequences make the second half an interesting watch, it is not as good as the first half. Had he taken care of the screenplay in the second half, Ulkuthu would've been one of the best revenge dramas of the year, nevertheless, it makes a decent revenge drama though.

Verdict: Action Sequences save this otherwise routine revenge drama. A one-time watchable film.

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Ulkuthu Live Updates & Public Talk

Dinesh Ravi is back with a mass entertainer Ulkuthu which has Nanditha Swetha as the female lead. This much-delayed project has finally hit the screens today with a decent buzz. A special preview for the press and media was held and the movie is getting a decent response from the critics who watched the film. Check out what they have to say about the film.

Stay tuned for more public talk and live updates of Ulkuthu.

Ulkuthu Preview

What Is It About?

Ulkuthu features Dinesh Ravi and Nanditha Swetha in the lead roles and is directed by Caarthick Raju. Dinesh Ravi and Caarthick Raju teamed up for the second time after the super success of the 2014 film Thirudan Police. Though the film shooting was completed in 2015, the film didn't see the light for many reasons. After multiple postponements, the film is now all set for a release on December 29th and is carrying decent buzz. With superb casting and technical team, Ulkuthu is an intense action entertainer which is bankrolled by Kenanya Films banner.

What To Expect?

  • Intense Story

The makers of the film have released the trailer for the film and it hints that the film is going to have an interesting story which gets intense during the later part of the film. Though not much has been revealed about the story, the basic plot is about the how the hero who works in Villain's gang wins his love. Just like Thirudan Police, the story of this film too seems to be an intense subject set in a rural backdrop. We can expect good screenplay with twists here and there making the story even more interesting.

  • Nice Action Sequences

The trailer is filled with some brilliant action sequences which are shot realistically. The director of the film Caarthick Raju is known for keeping movies as realistic as possible and he seems to have done the same with this film as well. The action sequences involving the villain look raw and intense and have been composed well. We can expect more of such scenes in the film. 

  • Good Comedy and Performances

Comedy in this film seems to be situational and doesn't look forced. Like his previous movie Thirudan Police, Caarthick Raju seems to have handled both action and comedy scenes perfectly. Keeping the comedy aspect aside, the actors seem to have ample scope for performances as the roles are well written. Nanditha Swetha has proved her mettle as an actress and she looks absolutely natural in the trailer and from Dinesh Ravi too we can expect the same.