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Udhaharanam Sujatha Review

U Drama, Family 2 hrs 27 mins Sep 28, 2017





Udhaharanam Sujatha Review & Rating


'Udhaharanam Sujatha' which stars Manju Warrier is the lead role is inspired by the 2016 Hindi movie 'Nil Battey Sannata'. The movie revolves around the struggles and dreams of a single mother who does odd jobs to make the both ends meet and to give her only daughter a good education and a decent future. Newbie Anaswara Rajan plays the role of Athira, Manju Warrier's daughter in the movie. The cast also includes Nedumudi Venu, Sudhi Koppa, Joju George and Mamta Mohandas in prominent roles.

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Manju Warrier appears Sujatha, the leading lady of the movie. The actress had done an excellent j...

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The major highlight of the movie is appraised to be Manju Warrier. Even though some of the viewers find her de-glam a hard to accept and her Trivandrum slang a little disturbing, they are all unanimous when it comes to her performance as a commonplace lower-middle-class woman who juggles jobs and has great dreams for her daughter; she has done a great job. Debutant Anaswara also has done a good job while the rest of the cast has delivered a very convincing performance despite the drama and cliche the film sometimes slipped into.

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Yes, Athira Krishnan (Anaswara Rajan), as the daughter mesmerizes with a brilliant piece of perfo...

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Praveen who made his debut with 'Udhaharanam Sujatha' has done a remarkable job in making the movie strike the right chord with the audience. Martin Prakkat and Naveen Baskar have managed to do justice to 'Nil Battey Sannata' when it comes to the script. But however, some of the dialogues and situations look forced in and too dramatic to be convincing. Madhu Neelakandan, the cinematographer of the movie has done an excellent job in capturing the visuals without draining the life in it. 

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Udaharanam Sujatha is as good as its original version. It has flaws for sure. But the quality per...

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Final Verdict: An inspiring one time watch!

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Udhaharanam Sujatha Live Updates & Public Talk

'Udhaharanam Sujatha' which marked the directorial debut of Phantom Praveen is opening in theaters today. The movie which features Manju Warrier in the lead role revolves around the life of a single mother who does odd jobs to make a better life for her only daughter. The cast also includes Nedumudi Venu, Mamta Mohandas, Joju George, Anaswara, Alencier Ley, and Sudhi Kopa among others. Check out here the initial reaction for 'Udhaharanam Sujatha'.


Udhaharanam Sujatha Preview

What Is It About?

'Udhaharanam Sujatha' which marks the directorial debut of Phantom Praveen, is touted to be a complete family entertainer. The movie narrates the story of a single mother who does odd jobs to bring up her only daughter. Manju Warrier stars in the lead role of 'Udhaharanam Sujatha' while the movie also features actors like Nedumudi Venu, Sudhi Koppa, Joju George and Mamta Mohandas in prominent roles. Martin Prakkat and Joju George have bankrolled the movie under the banner of The Scene.

What To Expect?

  • Manju Warrier's Awesome Performance

Manju Warrier is a much-loved actress, especially among the family audience. She has always mesmerized the Malayali audience through her stunning performances. 'Udhaharanam Sujatha' is expected to have one of such performtance on par with her acting in movies like 'Kanmatham' and 'How Old Are You'.

  • A Family Entertainer

The theme and the plot of the movie revolves around a single mother who strugles bring up her daughter in the best way possible. As one can imagine, the movie could be a entertaining watch for the fans of family audience.

  • Gopi Sunder's Music

Gopi Sunder music for the movie has already struck a chord with the music lovers. Unlike his other movies, 'Udhaharanam Sujatha' to have melodious and soulful music.

  • Martin Prakkat-Joju George Association

'Udhaharanam Sujatha' is the second movie from the producers of hit movie 'Charlie', which is indeeded a hint that another blockbuster is on cards.