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Two Countries Full Movie

U Comedy 2 hrs 41 mins Dec 24, 2015
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Two Countries Story

Director: Shafi

Cast: Dileep as Ullas Kumar, Mamta Mohandas as Laya, Isha Talwar as Simran, Mukesh as Simon, Aju Varghese as Avinash, Suraj Venjaramoodu as Jimmy Chokkliyil, Rafi as Daniel

Ullas is a cunning young man who earns a living by deceiving people. His sole purpose in life is to earn easy money and he wouldn't mind going any extent for it. For earning a princely sum as dowry, he agrees to marry a disabled woman, Simran. Meanwhile, he gets another proposal from an Indo-Canadian Malayali woman Laya. He chooses Laya over Simaran as he can go to Canada and lives a life there on easy money.

After the marriage, Ullah realizes that he has married a chronic alcoholic and she can't claim the fortune in her name as she is a chronic alcoholic. However, the possibility of getting it makes him bear with Laya and adjust to the troubles she courts. Eventually, Ullas falls in love with her and starts caring for. But Laya comes to know about Ullas' original plan for marrying her from Ullas's friend Avinash. 

Laya soon files a divorce case. But Ullas convince the court that his wife is a chronic alcoholic and she wants a divorce because she doesn't want to take treatment as suggested by him. Court sends Laya to a de-addiction center. With the help of her doctor, Ullas support Laya with the divorce case. He comes back to Kerala and decides to marry Simran. However, Laya realizes the importance of Ullas in her life and in a turn of events, they reunite with each other.

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