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A Drama 1 hrs 53 mins Oct 12, 2018
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Tummbbad Story

Directors: Anand Gandhi, Aryan Kataria, and Adesh Prasad

Cast: Sohum Shah as Vinayak, Harish Khanna as Samsthanik, Jyoti Malshe as Mother, and Dhundiraj Prabhakar Joglekar as Young Vinayak.

Tumbbad is the story of how greed affects not just human beings but also the spiritual peoples. Hundreds of millions of years ago, the mother goddess creates 160 million gods. Among them, Hastar is the eldest and the most greedy. When his greed gets better of him, his siblings attacker him. But the mother goddess saved her favourite child on one condition. Hastar will never be worshipped and those who worship him falls under his curse.

In the present day setting of the film, during the latter stages of the British Raj, Vinayak Rao lives with his mother who tends to the gruesome looming Dadi, the wife of the Zamindar in Tumbbad. She also accepted giving him coital pleasure. Vinayak Rao hears from his mother about the legend of Hastar and the treasure of gold with him. In fact, Vinayak’s mother works for the Zamindar in the hope that one day she would get at least one piece of the gold from Hastar who is somewhere under the earth below the mansion.

When the Zamindar dies, Vinayak’s mother wants to shift to the city of Pune. But all Vinayak wants is the gold of Hastar. His mother chastises him and when his little brother dies falling from a tree, they settle in Pune. But Vinayak’s greed for Hastar gold gets better of him and he coaxed the old woman to tell him where Hastar lies. Will Vinayak get the gold he is craving for? Or Hastar’s curse ends his life? What happens to his family? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.

Tumbbad received near universal acclaim. The metaphorical story, brilliant direction, top class performances, and the production design all received high praise. The movie was a commercial success.

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