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Tritio Adhyay Review

U/A Romance, Thriller 1 hrs 45 mins Feb 8, 2019





Tritio Adhyay Review & Rating

Tritio Adhyay Review: A must-watch romantic thriller 

The premise

Tritio Adhyay directed by Manoj Michigan is a romantic thriller. The intriguing plot perfectly merges the thrilling elements into the romance. Beautiful visuals, soulful music, and solid performances just make the film a perfect package. The film capture three different stages of the lives of the protagonist. Ex-flames Kaushik and Sreya played by Abir and Paoli meet in an unexpected turn of event and soon the dark side of love starts to affect their lives.


Manoj Michigan didn't go for a tried and tested route of Bengali thrillers. Instead, he directs the story to the climax. He never tried to complicate the narration and focused on the development of the story. Despite the overly romantic set up and little predictability towards the end, the film keeps the audience glued.


In the acting department, Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam did an excellent job. They looked credible in their respective roles. However, it is Sourav Dass as the young Kaushik surprised us the most with his near-perfect embodiment of the character. Arunima as young Shreya did a good job as well.


Film's visuals demand special mention. Cinematographer Supriyo Dutta must be appreciated for his amazing work. His camera runs smoothly without any unwanted jars. The music by Orin Prosenjit Das, too, sounds good in the theatre.


Tritio Adhyay is a smart and intriguing thriller that should not be missed. The film is a must watch if you love thrillers.


  • The plot
  • Performances
  • Visuals
  • Music
  • Camera work


  • The costume departments
  • Predictable towards the end

Pycker Rating: 3.5/5

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