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U/A Thriller, Urban 1 hrs 42 mins Mar 17, 2017
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Trapped Story

Director: Vikramaditya Motwane

Cast: Rajkummar Rao as Shaurya and Geetanjali Thapa as Noorie

Trapped is a survival drama film and the film revolves around a call centre employee who accidentally locks himself up inside his new apartment. Shaurya, who plans to elope with his girlfriend Noorie, one day prior to Noorie's arranged marriage with someone else. He used to live in a bachelor pad, so in order to move in with her soon-to-be wife, he starts searching for a new flat. In a rush to find an affordable flat, he ends up moving into an under-constructed high rise apartment which is empty due to some legal issues. The building is guided only by a single security who has no idea that Shaurya had moved in and even Noories has no whereabouts of his new address.

The very next day, accidentally Shaurya locks himself inside his new apartment. Shaurya makes infinite attempts to get himself out of the apartment but is always failed. The faulty wires in the unconstructed building leave him with no electricity. His phone runs out of battery and couldn't call for help. Shaurya is now trapped in the lone apartment without food, water, and electricity. As the days pass by Shaurya becomes more desperate to escape and claustrophobic. One day, he uses his own blood to write 'Help' and the address details on a cardboard paper. the paper falls on the terrace of a nearby house. The resident of the house Swati starts investigating but soon gives up. Will Shaurya be able to make out of it live, watch full movie to know more. 

Trapped was received well both critically and commercially. It had premiered at the 2016 Mumbai film festival before opening in theatres all over. Trapped was made on a budget of 5 crores and earned 2.85 crores at the box office. 

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