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Touch Chesi Chudu Full Movie

U/A Action, Comedy Feb 2, 2018
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Touch Chesi Chudu Story

Director: Vikram Sirikonda

Cast: Ravi Teja as Karthikeya, Seerat Kapoor as Divya, Raashi Khanna as Pushpa, Freddy Daruwala as Irfan Lala

Touch Chesi Chudu is a mass action entertainer directed by Vikram Sirikonda and has Ravi Teja, Seerat Kapoor, Raashi Khanna in the lead roles. The film starts off with the introduction of Karthikeya (Ravi Teja), the owner of Karthikeya Industries in Pondicherry. Karthikeya loves his family and lives by the principle that family is the most important thing in one's life. After his family forcing him for marriage he meets Pushpa (Raashi Khanna) and after multiple meetings, she accepts his proposal.

One day, Karthikeya's sister witnesses Irfan Lala (Freddy Daruwala) killing a student activist in a pub and informs Karthikeya about the same. Karthikeya also watched Irfan going in a vehicle after few days and chases him but he gets missed. Karthikeya calls Hyderabad police commissioner (Murali Sharma) and enquires about Irfan Lala.

The story moves to the flashback in which Karthikeya is a tough and angry cop whose priority is duty. Irfan Lala and Rauf Lala try to win a by-election by stopping the opposition to conduct a rally in their area. But Karthikeya spoils their plans by conducting the rally successfully. By watching Karthikeya's attitude, Divya (Seerat Kapoor) starts liking him. But she leaves him because he cancels the engagement because of a mission.

Irfan kills Shalini (Kaumudi Nemani) in a quarrel and her mother (Suhasini) starts fighting for her justice. Suhasini is Karthikeya's teacher once so he promised her to deliver justice. In a furious shootout, Irfan Lala gets seriously injured but Karthikeya's father convinces that he is dead so that he becomes close to his family. The rest of the story is about how Karthikeya goes back to Hyderabad to take revenge and how he convinces Pushpa to marry him.

Touch Chesi Chudu was released in a huge number of screens and amidst high expectations. However the film failed to reach them and ended up as a flop in Ravi Teja's career.

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