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To Let Review & Rating

Tolet Review: An Artistic Portrayal Of A Realistic Problem!

Tolet is one of the most popular Tamil movies in the film festival circuits and the film has finally hit the screens today amidst high expectations. From the special screening for the press, Tolet received a unanimous positive response as it did at the film festivals. With three relatively unfamiliar actors like Santhosh Sreeram, Sheela Rajkumar and a debutant director Chezhiyan, the trailer has only managed to reach a limited section of the audience. However, those who have seen the trailer and knew about its performance at the film festivals have high expectations. Will the film be able to reach them? Let's find out in Tolet movie review.

The premise of Tolet is very simple and it is not the first such an issue has been discussed in Tamil movies. Ilango (Santhosh Sreeram) and Amudha (Sheela Rajkumar) have to find a house for themselves as their landlord (Athira Pandilakshmi) decides to rent it out for some other people. Ilango and Amudha start searching for the house and the film is about various obstacles them go through. Chezhiyan gives the premise within a few minutes into the film and shows his masterclass with the writing, visuals and the sound design all of which are natural and realistic.

The premise is not unfamiliar or imaginary and most of us (middle-class people) have faced the trouble of moving into a newly rented house. That is what clicks the most with this film. The instant connects of the situations that happen on screen and the natural reactions Ilango and Amudha give. However, a few scenes are not realistic or practical but Chezhiyan adds them to up the melodrama quotient in the film and makes us feel for the characters.

Ilango who plays a raw and rustic role is fantastic and the heart and soul of the film is Sheela Rajkumar who plays his wife, Amudha. If not for their remarkable performances, Tolet wouldn't have performed the way it did at the film festivals. One can see their innocence, the pain, the helplessness in the minute of their expressions. Sheela especially stays true to her character and acts as the catalyst between the audience and story. Though we don't get any backstory to their characters, we feel for them and understand the reason for their behavior just because of their calculated and on-point performances. Dharun who plays their son Siddharth is equally perfect in his act. His innocent expressions, especially during the second half of the film, are nothing short of miraculous.

Cheziyan has done fantastic work as a cinematographer for films like Joker, Paradesi which won him several accolades. This is the first time he has turned as a writer-director. He sets up the film in 2007 when the IT Boom has substantially affected the real estate business in the film thus impacting the lives of middle-class people. But the subject still remains contemporary and more relevant today as this phenomenon has spread even to small towns and villages. The dream of owning a perfect house still remains a dream for many middle-class people and renting such a house has also become a tedious task these days.

Cheziyan has written his three lead roles beautifully making them more human by the way they react to certain situations in the film. Their reactions might not seem practical at times but that's the way any human being must react and Cheziyan subtly reminds us of the same. But he chose to write the stereotyped characters as owners who are casteists, religious, etc. However, his lead characters stick to their natural best and make us forgive these minor flaws.

Cheziyan has captured the film aesthetically and beautifully. The way he shot the sparrow episode and Siddharth's paintings are commendable. He took a bold step to go without songs and background score and instead chose sound mixing by Tapas Nayak who did a terrific job. He recorded even minute of the sound details and blended them perfectly with the visuals.

Tolet has won as many as 32 Awards and received 80 plus nominations at around 100 film festivals which speaks volumes about the film. And there's no exaggeration to say it is one of the top 10 Tamil films made in the past decade. Also, Tolet won the National Award For The Best Tamil Film in 2018. Reminding all the accolades it has received so that you won't hesitate to watch this film in the theatres.


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Pycker Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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To Let Live Updates & Public Talk

Tolet, is one of the most successful Tamil movies at the International film festivals in recent times. The team of Tolet movie had a special screening for the press and the response was nothing short of awesome. The critics and journalists have loved the film every bit and expressed their opinions on social media. Terming at as one of the best Tamil films ever, the critics have showered praises on the team for their efforts. Check out some of the Tweets below.

Cheziyan - a cinematographer turned director is being appreciated for making a world class Tamil cinema with artistic visuals and story telling. The drama seems to have worked well and gave the audience an instant connect with the middle class family setup. Also, the actors seem to have done a fantastic job in giving natural and realistic performances which took the movie to next level. Cheziyan who also worked as the cinematographer seems to have captured the film beautifully.

Sheela is receiving rave reviews for her astounding perfomance in the film and her character is said to be the heart and soul of the movie. The actors who played the three lead characters are being praised by the audience. Tolet is said to be brilliant on the technical front as well as the writing, editing, cinematography went hand in hand to deliver this masterpiece. Overall, Tolet has received a big thumsup from the audience, check out their response below.

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