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U Drama, Family 1 hrs 39 mins Feb 21, 2019
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To Let Story

Director: Chezhiyan

Cast: Santhosh Sreeram as Ilango, Sheela Rajkumar as Amudha, Dharun as Siddharth, and Aadhira Pandilakshmi as the landlady

To Let tells the story of the Ilango Family and their travails of finding a suitable house for rent. Ilango is an aspiring filmmaker who earns a meager living by working as an assistant director. His family comprises of wife - Amudha, and a five-year-old son - Siddharth. They live in a small rented apartment. 

One day, their landlady suddenly gives them an ultimatum to vacate within a month so that she could rent the flat to someone from the IT sector for a higher rent. The family has to search for shelter within a month. Adding to this problem is the prospective tenants who visit at various times to check the flat. 

This acts obviously creates a privacy problem. On one of such occasions, one of the persons who came to check the house opens an almirah and to Amudha's embarrassment, her private dresses and a pack of sanitary napkins fall on the floor from the rack. When the Ilango family finally find a small house, they find that it is at the expense of an elderly couple they are going to rent it. Out of humanity, they refrain doing so. 

They are denied rented houses based on their food habits sometimes. Even as the privacy invasion occurs, the pressure from the landlady increases. And finding a house gets even more difficult. Sometimes when they find a suitable house, the owners rent them to those who offer to pay higher. How the family comes out of this trying situation? How and if they can find a rented house by the end of the month? The answers to this question form the rest of the story. 

To Let won several accolades in the international film festival circuit. It also won the National Award for the Best Tamil Film. To Let received high critical acclaim when it hit the screens in the domestic theatres. The performances of the lead cast are termed as fascinatingly realistic and the subject of the film has resonance with the current day financial disparities between the neo-rich and the middle-class. The movie turned out to be a commercial success. 

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