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Thipparaa Meesam Review

U/A Action, Romance 2 hrs 38 mins Nov 8, 2019





Thipparaa Meesam Review & Rating

Thipparaa Meesam Review: Incoherent Narration Plays Spoilsport

The premise

Thippara Meesam has created a good amount of buzz among the younger audience with some crazy promos. And that Sree Vishnu who is fresh off the cult blockbuster Brochevarevarura is the lead actor added to the expectations. He has generally been a bankable young hero when it comes to delivering different content-based films. 

Now, coming to Thippara Meesam the film revolves around the evolving relationship of a mother and her son. The son has hatred towards his mother so much so that he drags her to the court when he needs money. It's a sort of anti-sentiment story. But there are a few strong basics are covered. 

The story

The film starts with the scene where the protagonist Manishankar is shown tortured and his moustache is forcefully removed. Slowly we're shown who Manishankar aka Mani is and his day to day life. He's a drug addict, deeply into the betting game, and leads a careless life. In one of the betting scenarios, he loses a huge amount of money. 

He has the habit of extorting money from his mother. The same thing happens here now. He asks his mother to provide him with the amount he needs to cover. He even forgeries a cheque and drags his mother to the court when the cheque bounces. Mani is in love with Monica. He also hangs around with his gang of friends. He has issues with the bookie who lends him money. 

The peak of the troubles that hit him occurs when he is arrested for a murder. But he didn't commit it. Who implicated in the murder case? Why? And how and if he comes out of it form the rest of the story. What's the reason behind Mani's hatred towards his mother and if finally he makes up with her or not is the basic emotional thread throughout the film. 


Sree Vishnu is terrific in his role. His styling is very different and he looked ultra-cool in a few scenes. As for his rugged body language and dialogue delivery, he behaved than just act. The characterization is also done very well. He is undoubtedly the star of the show. And he carried the entire weight of the film in the second half. 

Next comes senior actress Rohini. She provided the emotional core of this film. She is Apt as the mother who is given trouble by her son. She helped keep the plot ticking along with her strong performance. Nikki Tamboli didn't make a mark with her performance. Though she played a cop role, she is not properly integrated into the story of the film. Among the others, senior character artist Banerjee is good in a crucial role. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film has a strong emotional core and the characterization of the hero brought a novelty factor. But the director mostly concentrated on creating scenes around this than come up with an interesting narration. The incoherent narration surely breaks the flow. The entire first half is concentrated on the hero's betting habit and the way he raises money. 

The main point of the story doesn't come deep into the second half. The screenplay is haphazard. Though the emotional scenes are handled well, the romantic thread with the heroine and the crime element are unnecessarily dragged. Not going into the actual story until the two hours mark is the biggest negative of the film. 

The crew

The music of the film is neat. The background score is impressive. The cinematography is first-rate and has lent an atmosphere to the film. The editing is pretty bad. At least a third of the film could have been trimmed for a gripping narration. The production design is superb. The production values are excellent. It's a well-made film. 


All in all, Thippara Meesam doesn't live up to the expectations created by the promos. Doesn't mean it's a bad film. Sree Vishnu and Rohini's performances make the film a one time watch. Else, it'll anyway be released on streaming services in a few weeks. 


  • Sree Vishnu
  • Emotional scenes between the mother-son duo
  • Rohini's performance during the court scene


  • Haphazard narration
  • Incoherent narration
  • The core point of the film is not shown until very late into the second half

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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  • Rohit

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