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Thupparivaalan Review

U/A Crime, Thriller 2 hrs 0 mins Sep 14, 2017





Thupparivaalan Review & Rating


'Thupparivaalan' is easily one of the most awaited movies of Vishal in the recent times. With a stellar cast in the form of Vishal, Prasanna, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea, Simran etc., and a talented director like Mysskin expectations have always been high on this thriller. The film finally released today to a super positive response from the critics and audience alike. The film revolves around a series of crimes committed by a notorious villain and the investigation is done parallelly. Though the basic plot and the setup remind us of Sherlock Homes, Mysskin incorporates emotional scenes and action sequences to give his own touch.

Rating 3.5 from  onlykollywood

Vishal and Anu Emmanuel had a gentle love that stays half finished for the screenplay is too...

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Vishal has put his heart and soul into this film and played his role of a detective perfectly. In action scenes too, he was at ease and carried his role effortlessly. He had to go through a lot of vartiations which would have been difficult to any other actor but his experience helped him to play such complex role with ease. Coming to the female leads Anu Emmanuel and Andrea did their parts well. Bhagyaraj is seen in a completely different role and Prasanna who played the role of friend did an excellent job. Though there were many talented actors like Simran, they did not have much scope to perform.

Rating 3 from  behindwoods

We know Mysskin films are emotion driven and he really stamps his class when he perfectly knits a...

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The perfectly choreographed action sequences by Dinesh are one of the major highlights of the film and the background score by Arrol Corelli is an added advantage to those fights. Production values by Vishal’s Film Factory are top notch. More than half of the credit must be given to Mysskin for his engaging screenplay and his confident way of handling the film. Making a film with no comedy and no songs is no easy task but Mysskin manages to that and also gives many wow moments. He definitely deserves to work with top league stars for the talented filmmaker he is.

Rating 4 from  pinkvilla

Like most Mysskin’s films, there’s heavy influence of martial fights. There’s even one excellentl...

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Verdict: 'Thupparivaalan' is well made investigative thriller with terrific action sequences and a gripping screenplay. It is one of the well made thrillers in the recent times and if you can ignore the slow pace in the first half you can watch it.

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  • Nithish Gurram

    27 Sep 17 @ 7:35 PM

Thupparivaalan Live Updates & Public Talk

With a lot of buzz around it, 'Thupparivaalan' has finally hit the screens today. Vishal has pinned a lot of hopes on this project and much to his relief the movie got a super positive response from few of the critics and Kollywood celebrities. The film's director Mysskin, in particular, is getting a lot of praise for his work. Check the Tweet reviews here:

Positive reports are pouring in for the movie and critics are lauding Vishal for his terrific portrayal of a detective's role. All the top critics of Tamil film industry gave the film a thumbs up and the audience too is loving the film.

The audience and public started expressing their opinions through Twitter posts and most of the Tweets are positive about the film. The public is loving this brave and honest attempt from Mysskin and Vishal. The music director is also being praised for his superb background score especially in action scenes.

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Thupparivaalan Preview

What is it about? ‘

Thupparivaalan’ is an investigative thriller directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mysskin. The film features the lead pair Vishal as the detective Poongundran and Andrea Jeremiah as the agent Kalpana. I

What can be expected?

  • Mysskin’s engaging screenplay 
  • Vishal’s never seen before performance as a detective 
  • Multiple acclaimed actors playing key roles such as K Bhagyaraja, Devayani, Vinay Rai and Simran
  • Arrol Corelli’s music, especially an intriguing background score which is much needed for an investigative thriller 
  • Thrilling action sequences

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