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Thuppakki Munai Review

U Action, Crime, Thriller Dec 14, 2018





Thuppakki Munai Review & Rating


Thuppakki Munai: A Thriller Made With Point-Blank Precision

The premise

Thuppaki Munai fires like the gun wielded by the hero in this movie. But just as the recoil of a gun when a bullet is fired, this thriller made with point-blank precision has its own issues. Vikram Prabhu who is in search of a proper hit for some time has played the role of an encounter specialist who takes pride in the number of criminals he slew. Let's see if this action thriller has given him the elusive big success with Thuppakki Munai review.

The story

Birla Bose is an encounter specialist who counts the number of heads he took off as the achievement in his life. He doesn't spare any criminal he targetted. This creates friction between him and his mother who is a practicing doctor. Several encounters are shown as a set up for the story. 

He has a philosophy. The names of the criminals are written on the bullets in his gun. His mother and girlfriend have enough of all this violence and they leave him. As the years pass, he is given the task of nabbing and then killing the man who raped and killed a 15 year old girl. 

When Birla goes to kill his prey, the encounter gets postponed for some reason. In the meantime, doubts crop up in his mind that the man, Azad, has really involved in the heinous crime. If he is not the real culprit and is framed as a scapegoat, who are the real criminals. Unable to answer these nagging questions, Birla digs deep into the case and his life is now threatened. How the ruthless encounter specialist find the true criminal? If he undergoes a change in the process? And if and how he unites with his mother and girlfriend form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

The opening sequence of the movie is not that good. It failed to grab the attention of the audience. But once the protagonist enters the scene, the movie takes its flight. The narration becomes strong and the screenplay flows smoothly. Dinesh Selvaraj handled the twists and the turns in the cop thriller in an admirable manner. But what ails the reviewer are the narrative flaws as certain logics are left in thin air. 

Performances or lack thereof

Vikram Prabhu looks the part of a ruthless encounter specialist. He has given a gutsy performance and his body language is very apt for the character. Hansk=ika expectedly didn't get a proper screen time. He did her mandatory glamor show quite well though. The lady who played he mother character did well but is artificial in emotions. Same is the case with most of the secondary character as they are there in the movie to fill in the numbers. M. S. Bhaskar did a commendable job though. 

The crew

The music has nothing to write about when it comes to the songs (thankfully there are only two songs) but the background score is terrific. The cinematography is atmospheric and the visual design of the movie feels authentic. The production values are of high quality. The editing is decent. The art department did a fine job. The locations in Rameshwaram where the majority of the story unfolds are excellent.


Thuppakki Munai like its title is made with precision albeit with certain logical and narrative flaws. All this doesn't come in the way of enjoying the movie though. Vikram Prabhu performance and the thrilling narration makes up for those flaws. All in all, Thuppakki Munai is an interesting thriller and is worth your time this weekend. 


  • Tight narration
  • Vikram Prabhu and M. S. Bhaskar's performances
  • Currently relevant point of women's safety


  • Logical flaws
  • Secondary characters gave artificial performances

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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  • Hari

    27 Feb 19 @ 2:48 PM

Thuppakki Munai Live Updates & Public Talk

Thuppakki Munai starring Vikram Prabhu created a lot of interest among the audience with the promise of being a taut thriller. The Dinesh Selvaraj directorial has some pretty effective thrills. The movie released today to positive feedback with the general praise going to the direction and screenplay. Vikram Prabhu also received considerable attention from the critics. M. S. Bhaskar's role is good and the Rameshwaram setting is refreshing. 

Thuppakki Munai is a fast-moving thriller with Vikram Prabhu giving his best performance of his career. Expectedly Hansika Motwani has a limited screen presence. The action sequences are said to be done well. The negative aspects of Thuppakki Munai are lack of strong supporting cast and logic is give a skip for the most part of the movie. 

Keep watching for more Thuppakki Munai public talk and live updates. 

Thuppakki Munai Preview

What is Thuppakki Munai About?

Dinesh Selvaraj directorial Thuppakki Munai, as the title reveals, is an action thriller where the protagonist plays the role of a gun-wielder. As the saying goes that every grain we consume has our name written on it, every bullet fired by him has the horoscope of the victim written on it. Now you have the story. Vikram Prabhu plays the role of an encounter specialist, it appears, who is merciless towards the criminals. Only his gun speaks. Or rather the gunpoint (Thuppakki Munai).

What Thuppakki Munai Promises?

An intense action thriller

The trailer shows a series of gunshots and high octane thrills. There are chases, and a bit of romance but most of it is about the cop and his case. The one where he faces intense opposition. The one case he badly wants to put an end to. As evidenced by the trailer, Thuppakki Munai promises to be a very intense and thrill-a-minute ride. Most of the action of the film happens in Rameshwaram. 

Vikram Prabhu and Hansika Motwani

Vikram Prabhu has good screen presence. He shot to fame with action thrillerArima Nambi. He played the role of an encounter specialist. He teams up with the voluptuous Hansika Motwani. But as evidenced by the trailer and by the genre of the film, she may have a limited role. But her glamour and competent performance in whatever role she is given, Hansika is surely one of the highlights of Thuppakki Munai. 

Team assembled by Kalaipuli S. Thanu

Noted producer Kalaipuli S. Thanu is known for high-quality films with grand production values. He assembled a team of talented crew lead by Dinesh Selvaraj who is the son of veteran screenwriter Selvaraj. L.V. Muthu Ganesh's music in the trailer looked good and created the mood for the genre. The cinematography by Rasamathi is atmospheric as is apt to the genre. The production design is also top class as is evidenced by what little material we came across leading to the release of this movie. 

Watch this space for Thuppakki Munai review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!